Rain, glorious rain!
  |  First Published: November 2005

I drove over the Lachlan River recently and was pleased to see it running higher than it has for a year or more.

Some solid rain through September and into October dumped some fresh water into our rivers and impoundments. The rain comes at a handy time to help the spawning of local native fish and bodes well for future stocks and for the season ahead, depending on water levels through the Summer.

The Lachlan has fished reasonably well of late for anglers throwing baits. The Macquarie River has started to produce a few fish with the warming temperatures but the Darling is still providing tough conditions.

November is a good time to be on our local rivers but remember that any Murray cod caught must be released as the season remains closed until December 1.


The Darling River remained warm and stable throughout October, the water murky and suiting bait anglers more than the lure brigade.

Fishing conditions have been tough for the past few months and with Summer approaching, they will likely remain so. Warm Summer water out west suits the noxious species such as carp, which become a pest.

The natives will be active through various stages of the day but tend to be better out west from May to September.

This month the weather will heat up and anglers will typically target natives with yabbies, shrimp, worms and grubs early or late in the day.

Golden perch will often have a good hour of activity in the middle of the day but anglers need to target shade or locations associated with shelter. Work timbered, deep sections bobbing yabbies or shrimp. If the river starts to clear, trolling or casting lures will produce.


The Lachlan River has fished consistently with those using yabbies, shrimp and worms taking golden perch to a kilo. The deeper sections around timber structure have produced the best fish.

Before the last lot of rain lure anglers reported a few fish on spinnerbaits and deep-diving lures.

Spring to early Summer tends to be productive on the Lachlan River between Cowra and Hillston. The fish come out of the Winter dormancy and start to recover fat lost during the cold months.

The river may remain dirty for a month or so, particularly if further rain falls. In this case I expect bait anglers to have the best of the action on yabbies, shrimp and worms fished around the timber.

If the river does start to clear a few active fish will take lures. Spinnerbaits, deep-diving lures and lipless rattling crankbaits will work well.


I fished the Macquarie River not long ago and it was clear and relatively low. This river has not had as much runoff as nearby systems so the water should warm up quickly and a few active native fish will be about.

Downstream sections should fish well for golden perch, the odd silver perch and a few catfish. Cod remained protected until December 1 so anglers fishing the Dubbo sections of the river need keep this in mind and release all incidental catches.

The clear river should make for some good lure fishing while bait anglers using yabbies, worms and shrimp stand a chance of taking good golden perch.

The river around Warren fished well for these species during early Summer.

It has been fantastic to watch some good rain fall recently, when I have seen some of the best downpours in the past two years. The impoundments are starting to fill slowly and the majority of local rivers have experienced some good flows.

This bodes well for the native spawning stocks and future seasons. Here’s hoping the rain continues and we are in for a great Summer!

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