|  First Published: November 2008

You’ve got to love this weather we’ve been having and it’s made the fishing conditions just perfect and heaps of fishos have been venturing out to enjoy the warmer temps and great fishing.

A lot have been heading out through the ‘Pin to the nearest reefs with great results including some huge cobia, jew, sweetlip, snapper and pear perch with the odd stray mackerel and mac tuna thrown in to add a touch of speed. Todd Everleigh weighed in a monster 34lb jew from an inshore reef close to the Bar. Dave Hubner and Chris Jensen caught some good cobia and mac tuna out off the ‘Pin as well so if the weather allows it, it seems offshore is a good bet.

As usual flathead are turning up in good numbers along the sandy flats to the north of South Straddie, south of Kangaroo Island on the shallow mud flats, across from the Cabbage Tree Point boat ramp and in the upper reaches of the Logan River. Kalinga Bank is a great spot to start, though it is probably best to give it a wide berth on weekends as it can get a little crowded. The water quality has been good so flicking and trolling lures has been extremely effective. Prawns, pilchards, froggies, whitebait and live mullet are also scoring quality lizards. Greg Hughes scored a great flathead and wouldn’t you know it I’ve been upstaged by my older brother Richard who landed a 68cm lizard on the drift with a pilly in Canaipa Passage

A few small school jew from out front of Swan Bay and in the deeper holes of the bar have also been caught recently. There are a few coming from Marks Rocks as well. The Logan River fish have been caught at night nearing the turn of the tide. The tailor have been a little quiet with only small choppers on offer and not many reports of greenbacks, but who knows when the next school will come through?

Live bloodworms, beachworms and small yabbies seem to be to the whiting’s liking with some top catches around the 40cm mark. Once again there are a lot of diver and small summer whiting on the sand flats stealing everyone’s bait around the Gold Bank, Cabbage Tree Point and Jacobs Well Channel. The better size whiting are coming from Never Fail Island, the Albert and Logan river junction and near Slipping Sands.

Muddies have arrived on time with some ripper bucks almost nudging 1.5kg. These are being caught mainly in the rivers and Redland Bay Channel with a few from Cabbage Tree Point, Jacobs Well Channel and south of Russell Island. Blue swimmer crabs are being caught consistently throughout the ‘Pin and remember you’re only allowed 4 pots or dillies per fisherman.

It’s going to be a hot summer so don’t forget to cover up during the day and apply the mozzie spray at night. If you have any reports of fish, any questions, need to order bait or just want to yarn give me a call on 07 3287 3868, come in and see me at Gem Bait & Tackle on the way to the ‘Pin or e-mail --e-mail address hidden-- I’ll catch you next month.

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