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  |  First Published: June 2005

A light, cool breeze from the west often greets us early mornings at this time of the year. I find June weather rather steady and the fishing pretty good with quite a few fish worth targeting.

Trevally seem right at home in the cooler water and just love a good berley trail but remember that trevally will move around from spot to spot. At times it will pay you to try more than one spot and that’s why the green boat is always on the move looking for fish for my clients.

Here are four spots that fire consistently well for trevally during Winter.

The Container Wallis a good spot but there is a problem with overcrowding, especially at weekends, because everyone seems to anchor right on the end.

If you think of, say, 10 boats anchored all within 20 metres of each other and all berleying for trevally, that means you are competing with all the other boats for a hook-up.

I find that by moving away from other boats and fishing a different spot to myself, the chances of catching fish are far greater.

So try Watts Reef or the Oil Wharf, both of which are top trevally spots at times, or try moving along the Container Wall, say, 100metres away from the other anchored boats so you are fishing your own berley trail. You may be surprised at your results.

Bare Island is one of my favourites. I have found that it fishes better on the smaller tides as the water tends to run hard on the spring tides.

I like to start here on either the top or bottom of the tide and fish the start of the run for around 40mintues. After that most days the water starts to run a little hard and my berley is floating on the surface – time to move again.

Trying a number of spots each outing will teach you how different spots affect the way your boat lies in different conditions. It may pay you to keep a little log on each trip and just add small notes to aid you next time you fish.


Not too many angler who fish Botany Bay target blackfish but June is a great time to try for them and there are plenty of spots worth trying.

The Container Wall would be one of the better spots – just look at the amount of structure here. Blackfish certainly seem to like a vertical rocky wall to feed along and there’s plenty of it here.

Watts Reef and around Bare Island produce plenty of luderick, it’s just a matter of trying for something different this Winter to keep you keen.

This is also big tailor time and the tailor are almost always feeding down deep, so trolling with deep-diving lures around structure may bring results.

One of my favourite methods for tailor is to fish a berley trail of chopped pilchards at first light.

Pilchards on ganged hooks are a must to avoid bite-offs on these toothy fish. An outfit comprising a 7’ medium-action rod with Shimano 3500 BaitRunner reel loaded with 6kg Schneider line is ideal for feeding that bait down the berley trail.

You will find that the tailor bite will drop off around 8am so it will pay to be on the water early.

The bite will start again late in the afternoon and I have found tailor willing to feed at night plenty of times and the hot water outlet just off the Oil Wharf is the pick of spots after dark.

Watts Reef is also worth a try. Again, berley is needed here if you hope to mix it with a few tailor after dark.

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