Plenty of Winter options
  |  First Published: June 2005

Every year it’s the same old routine for many anglers who fish Sydney. They pack up their fishing gear and move to a warmer climate or they think about things like football all Winter.

There is nothing wrong with either of those trains of thought but many other anglers will also start to think about what fish we can target from the onset of Winter. Fish like drummer, luderick, john dory, bream, flathead, tailor, salmon, silver trevally and groper, just to name a few.

To help you out for June, here is a place and a technique to try for each of the above species.

• Drummer: To get to the Ring Road on the Kurnell Peninsula, travel out along Captain Cook Drive and enter the national park along Cape Solander until you come to an area to the left marked Yena.

There are three main fishing spots, Little Yena, Big Yena and a place they call Half Tide. Little Yena has a prominent little rock finger jutting out from the main rocks, Big Yena has a good whitewater area to the left and Half Tide is a small bay just a bit further south.

All three places are best fished two hours before and after the high tide with as little as weight as the conditions will allow. Best baits are peeled prawns, pink nippers, abalone gut, red and green crabs and cunje.

• Luderick: The northern side of the baths at Lilli Pilli in Port Hacking is worth a try for luderick on a run-in tide. The water is fairly deep so you will need to have a fairly consentient stream of berley going to keep the fish in close to the retaining wall. I usually find that if I have the bait set around three metres the fish will find the bait.

• John dory: You will need a boat for this spot on the eastern side of Port Botany, where a retaining wall faces into Yarra Bay. Along the wall you will notice all the concrete blocks fit neatly beside each other but where the blocks are all over the place is the place to fish for the John Dory. Yellowtail can be berleyed up here as live bait, which you will need to suspend under a bobby cork because of the snaggy bottom.

• Bream: As you travel upstream past the old Lugarno ferry ramp you will come to an eight-knot speed zone where you will find a small and a large bay called The Moons and Little Moons. The tide moves fairly quickly here so you will need a No 3 ball or bean sinker above a swivel and a leader from 1 to 2.5 metres long so the bait will move around in the current. Best baits are spider crabs, chicken gut or fillet, peeled prawns, strips of mullet and striped tuna.

• Flathead: The Patches is an area about the size of 10 football fields on the northern side of Towra Point in Botany Bay. The Patches can be fished right through any tide. Over the years I have found that the most productive technique to use here is to use soft plastics with a single or double jerk of the rod for action.

• Tailor: Trollers should try the northern side of the third runway. It doesn’t seem to matter what tide you work this stretch of water but I suggest that you use lures that work different depths to cover your options. When trolling parallel with the runway (keep outside the cardinal markers), use a shallower working lure close to the wall and the deeper one on the outside of the spread.

• Silver trevally: Anchor in about 20 metres of water directly off Oak Park at Cronulla. Berley with bread and chopped pilchards and fish with two rigs, one a paternoster and the other a ball sinker right down onto the hook.. Best baits are peeled prawns, pink nippers, fillets of pilchard, strips of skinned yellowtail and pilchard tails.

• Groper: Fish the point about 300 metres south of the Shelly Beach rock pool at Cronulla. Make sure that the seas are calm because waves can crash over the low-lying rock platform. Best baits by far are the red and green crabs that are found in rock crevices and pools.

I prefer a minimum of 20kg line and a small ball sinker right on the hook. Best berley is crushed sea urchins or chopped cunje. Cast out the bait and allow it to float down to the bottom. Leave for a few minutes and if nothing has taken it, repeat the process.

If you are interested in learning more about fishing these spots plus many more around Sydney email me or phone 0422 994 207.

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