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  |  First Published: May 2005

Have you ever been camping and looked at a piece of equipment in one of the neighbouring camps and thought, ‘What a great idea!’ Your next thought often is, ‘Where do I get one?’

These items are often simple labour-saving devices or just clever ideas that tackle tricky problems but nonetheless they are handy items that make life easier.

This month we will look at a couple of good ideas, some of which will even be practical at home at as well as on the camping trail.


The first of these is the Drifta camping table. I have covered the Drifta range of equipment before and, as usual, Luke Sutton has come up with another sensational piece of equipment that is innovative and built to last a lifetime.

Every camp needs a good, strong table and like all Drifta camp gear, this piece of equipment is solidly built and will last a lifetime.

The Drifta camp table is built of marine ply and is coated with a long-wearing, non-slip, washable lacquer finish. It has fully adjustable legs made of galvanised steel and can hold more than 150kg in load.

The beauty of this table is you can adjust it to any height from 500mm for a kids’ table or coffee table, or to keep the fridge up off the ground, up to 700mm, making it a perfect height for the dinner table. Or it can be raised even further to 850mm for use as a food-preparation bench at which you won’t have to bend over.

This table has a large surface area of 900mm x 600mm and seats up to four comfortably. But, best of all, the legs fold away into the table to make it perfectly flat for easy portage and storage – and it weighs only 4kg.

It is made in Australia by Australians and is unconditionally guaranteed in durability, strength, design and workmanship so do yourself a favour and keep Aussies in a job and check out the complete Drifta range of camping gear at [url=http://WWW.drifta.com.au/]or give the showroom a call on 02 6558 2328.


Next on the list of helpful items is a great idea in the same vein as the non-stick frying pan. Have you ever gone on a picnic or been camping where there are the coin-operated or push-button free electric or gas barbecues?

They are a great idea but, as happens all too frequently these days, the person who used it before you was a thoughtless grub who left it in a filthy state.

Well, you can clean it up but the prawns they cooked two days ago will taint your nice T-bone no matter how well you clean the plate. This is where this helpful little item comes in handy.

It is the great non-stick hotplate liner. Simply put, it is a sheet of paper-thin Teflon that doesn’t burn and absolutely nothing will stick to it. You simply place it over the hotplate and you have a clean non-stick surface to cook on that will brown your food beautifully.

When you are finished you simply lift it off, give it a shake over the bin to remove excess fat and scraps, give it a wipe over with a clean cloth and roll it up and put it away until next time.

There’s no more cooking on other people’s residue. This liner can be used at home on the barbecue or can be cut to size for cake tins, frying pans or even round barbies.

It comes in a sheet about 40cm x 50cm so it covers most situations and would be a handy asset to any campers’ essential box.


Another item that is equally handy at home or around the camp, particularly if it rains, is a mini clothes hoist.

You are always looking for somewhere to hang the swimming costumes and towels when camping and the camping area lines are always full and at times items, particularly quality brand-name towels and board shorts, disappear from shared lines.

It’s simple have your own mini-hoist. They are much safer than stringing lines between tents, too, so no one walking past at night will neck themselves.

These hoists come in two sizes and are strong and durable, made in Australia from powder-coated galvanised steel. They have more than 20 metres of hanging space and even rotate in the breeze to help speed up the drying process.

The large hoist stands at 1.6 metres high and two metres wide while the smaller version is only 1.2 metres high and 1.5 metres wide. And the good thing is that they fold up to almost nothing for easy transport and are simple to assemble – even I can do it.

One would be invaluable around camp or even very handy at home to get the essentials dry on a wet day.

For inquiries and orders on the non-stick hotplate liner or the hoists, call 07 3818 6200.

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