Finding the right spot
  |  First Published: May 2004

ONE of the most important things when fishing is making sure you are fishing the right spot.

It doesn’t matter whether you fish from a boat, the beach or the bank in a river, picking the best spot can be the difference between catching fish or going home with nothing. But how do you pick the right spot ?

The right spot can depend on the tide and conditions because some spots, like sand bars in a river, usually fish better on a low tide. This is because baitfish that live in the warm, shallow water on high tide have to swim into deeper water when the tide runs out and the flat gets uncovered. This means fish like jewfish, flathead and bream can hang around and feed on the baitfish and prawns, so it is a good time to have a bait or lure in the water.

The best places to fish sand flats are around the edges, which means you can fish from the sand or cast back towards it from a boat. The opposite applies if you are fishing oyster leases, which need to be fished on a high tide when they are covered with water. Fish like bream will feed on the oysters on high tide because they can swim among them.

If you fish from a wharf or jetty then tide will also be important because most river locations fish better on a rising or falling tide. You might need to ask the locals which tide is best or just fish both and remember when you caught the best fish. If you are fishing for bream or jewfish from a wharf then night time is best.

Each location is different so it pays to be observant and remember what tide or conditions worked best. It’s also a good idea to go out and find some new spots if you live close enough to where you fish or are on holiday for a few weeks somewhere.

If you have a boat then it’s easier but you can still ride a bike or walk and find some new spots that may be harder to reach and not get fished as much by everyone.

Finding and fishing a new spot can be fun for the whole family.

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