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  |  First Published: March 2005

My 13-year-old son has seen quite a few marlin his time, the last one barely 20 minutes ago and only a short distance from where we live.

He called me on his mobile phone and said that while spinning for bonito with friends off the rocks at Terrigal Haven, he glanced seaward to see a chunky striped marlin bursting repeatedly through a patch of bonito barely 100 metres offshore.

He's just like his old man, too: He wanted me to bring down a heavy land-based game outfit so he could swim out a live bonito. I told him it was too late in the day and I had a fishing report to submit but I know what he'll (and probably me, too) be up to tomorrow after school.

Again it never ceases to amaze me what can pop up along the Central Coast. Anything is possible at any time. This is probably the greatest appeal about fishing to me.

So if you're keen to catch a marlin off the rocks it's probably a good time to do so. Each year it seems a marlin is caught off the Avoca platform with probably many more being lost. No doubt some are caught from less accessible spots and kept under wraps so as not to encourage crowds.

While I have never caught a marlin off the rocks, I have no doubt that if you put in enough time with sizeable live baits such as frigate mackerel, bonito or big slimy mackerel on suitable gear, it can just be a matter of time.

So often I see people live-baiting on the Central Coast using smallish yellowtail in the hope of catching big game. Big bait, big fish is the case here.

I once caught a 12kg kingie off the rocks at Avoca on a bonito that would have been almost a kilo. It had just nailed my half-by a quarter lure and both became lodged in the kingie’s mouth. So using bigger baits doesn't mean that you will miss out on the less-than-huge fish. Give it a go.

Offshore this is a great time for marlin and, to a lesser extent, big bronze whaler and tiger sharks. There are heaps of mahi mahi this season with a lot of big fish coming in. It's definitely been a great season for the dollies.

The jewies have made a better appearance on our offshore reefs this season than last, with a number of substantial fish coming in right along the coastline.

This has also been a great summer for bream with fish to be found everywhere from offshore to right up our river systems and lakes.

The big flathead have been a bit quiet but there have been heaps of smaller ones about with soft plastics and live baits the best way of sorting these guys out.

The jewfish fall into the same category as the bream, really: They can be found anywhere at this time of the year with the beaches and the mouths of our rivers and lakes the prime areas.

The fishing really is great at this time of year and I could really rave on what's biting where but I'll cut to the chase. March is really good for fishing the offshore reefs, inshore reefs, rocks, beaches, estuaries and lakes. If you get a chance to fish, grab it.

Jewfish have been spread throughout the rivers, beaches and lakes.

Another happy angler with a nice Hawkesbury River jewie.

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