Wharf rats rule
  |  First Published: December 2002

Wharf rats rule

I am going to talk about how to get out of the house and chase some fish – and not spend a lot of money doing it – so you have some news take back to school with after the holidays.

This is an excellent month to get down to your local wharf or jetty to chase some mullet and bream on light line with bread berley and bait. When I first started fishing, this is what I used to do for some fun and enjoyment and I still do it over the school holidays.

Most jetties or wharves in bays, harbours and estuaries produce bream and mullet over Summer. One of the best ways to get them is to use bread berley. You can wet the bread and mash it up so it sinks slowly, or you can leave it as is so it floats on top.

Either way will attract fish to the area and when then you can catch them using small pieces of bread for bait. Use the crust under a small float or squeeze a bit of fresh bread around a small hook and use this for mullet.

Light tackle is best and line around 3kg is fine – any heavier and you will have trouble casting the light baits. I normally use a light threadline outfit with a rod about two metres long and a small reel.

You can fish the baits unweighted down the berley trail or you can use a small bobby cork or float to fish them at a set depth. The bobby cork or float also adds some weight if you need to cast further. I normally use a No 8 long-shank hook which can be easily hidden in a piece of bread crust so the fish don't see it.

When mullet and bream get into the berley they are easy to catch using bread and the bait usually gets eaten as soon as it hits the water. Sometimes when you are throwing bread you can also get trevally and even blackfish. They all like to eat bread for some reason.

Catching a nice bream or blackfish on bread is great fun and so is getting some big mullet but please don’t just keep catching small mullet and killing them for no reason. They make good bait and even taste good but take only what you can use.

These days I also like to fish for bream with lures in a bread berley trail. I normally fish shallow water and start berleying with wet bread to get them interested and then fish small soft plastics or diving lures around the berley. In the right areas this works very well on big bream and you normally catch more fish than casting blind and without berley.

The best thing about fishing with bread is that it’s cheap as. You can use any stale bits out of the cupboard or even ask the local shop if they have some stuff that’s a few days old. If the bread is fresh, you even have a ready made lunch!


The Gang gives the boat ramp at Crookhaven Heads a caning one morning. it’s right next to the local van park and they get mullet, blackfish, jewies and everything else along there.

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