Bullen Merri’s Big Trout
  |  First Published: October 2006

Bullen Merri’s fishing has started to improve and anglers are reporting good catches of big trout. Trolling has emerged as the best method and Rapalas are the best of the bibbed lures. Lofty’s or Devils in pink, white or a combo of both colours are also tempting lots of trout. Bait anglers are scoring some nice fish from the bank, using the ever-reliable bullheads, which are potting well amongst the stones. The night fishing is the best, with browns to 3kg being taken by some anglers.

Don’t give up yet on those big fish coming in along the bank and taking minnows, we do know it will happen, but I have learnt not to predict.

Purrumbete is still holding sway over Bullen Merri as far as consistent fishing goes. Bait anglers using mudeyes around the weeds are taking browns to 3kg. These fish have been frustrating the fly anglers, as they travel through the weeds, occasionally showing a passing interest in the flies that are on offer. They are tough but once the redfin fry start to show, we can expect them to become a little more aggressive.

The redfin were full of spawn in late August, so we should hopefully get some fry in October. There are still plenty of redfin being taken by those targeting them, with bait, bobbers and plastics fished close the bottom all working well.

We have a couple of competitions coming up in October at the lakes, so it will be interesting to see if the big fish have arrived by then.

Wurdi Buloc continues to be a good spot for anglers chasing both browns, rainbows and redfin on lures, bait and flies.

Our dry spring is stretching on as water struggles flow into the reservoir. But, lower water levels won’t deter the beetles that will be around as things continue to warm up. Good hatches make this impoundment one of the better spots for flyfishes who enjoy floating a dry.

Our rivers are low, close to summer levels, and clear. Hatches of insects, usually caddis moths, on the Gellibrand make this a great spot for an evening rise. If we do happen to get some rain then drowning a few worms on a rising river, is always a good method of filling in an afternoon and can usually have you taking home a couple of nice browns. Other small streams in the area like the Carlisle and Lardner carry a small population of trout, and can fish well after spring rain.

Yes there are plenty of options, so if your thinking of coming this way during the spring, prepare to do I bit of homework because I am not making any predictions.

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