Towner Takes Port Win
  |  First Published: October 2006

Scott Towner weighed the only 10/10 bag at South Australia’s Port River BREAM Round – presented by Lowrance – to win the event, and the South Australia AOY title for 2006.

Having never fished the Port River before didn’t prove problematic to Towner, who is about to make his AFC Outdoors debut this summer. While fishing a line of docks, he found a tight school of pre-spawn bream on his sounder and fished them for the duration of the event.

“The school was located on a drop-off between the docks and moored boats above the Birkenhead Bridge. I saw them on the sounder as I moved past and casting back resulted in a multiple hook-up, so I noted the spot for the tournament day. The fish were holding between 16-22ft of water in an area about the size of an average lounge room,” Scott said.

Scott used Berkley 6” Sandworms in camo colour, coated in CLF flavoured Dizzy Scent and rigged on a 1/12-1/16oz #1 Light Wire TT jighead.

“I’d cast into the school and allow the plastic to sink to the bottom before working it back to the boat with a ‘passive aggressive’ retrieve. It consists of an aggressive double-hop, followed by a long pause,” Scott explained.

“Like all black bream, the fish would take it on the pause and the bite varied from a grab-and-run to nothing more than a gentle pluck on the line. It was at this stage of the bite that application of scent was vital. It came in the form of Dizzy Scent, code CLF,” Scott continued, “I don’t know what that code stands for, but it might be ‘catches lots of fish’!”

Towner landed 30-40 bream with 5 upgrades on Day 1 and found it much tougher on Day 2, with only half the fish and two upgrades.

He used a Millerods 6’11” Bream Buster Classic coupled with a Shimano Stella 2500 reel, 6lb Berkley Fireline and 4lb Vanish leader until the fish got shy. Then he opted for a longer XF rod and 2lb Vanish straight through to the jig.

Victorian Stephen Duff finished a solid second with an 8/10, 5.045kg bag. He fished both lipped and lipless hard-bodied lures for the duration of the tournament along rock walls and docks in the middle and upper reaches of the arena as well as slipways in the North Arm.

For Duff – who didn’t weigh a limit on either of the two days – it was a case of what might have been.

His patterns involved fishing a Strike Pro Pygmy along the rock walls when the tide was high and – of all things – a Strike Pro 60mm Vibration Bait along the same walls and slipways when the tide bottomed out.

The vibration bait – mainly in colour A017 (matte black top, gold flanks, pink/red belly) was an interesting choice, and Duff reported that he fished it just like a plastic down the rock walls. He said that he caught bream on it anywhere between 1.5-7m down.

Steve fished the hard bodies on a Duff Rods Ultra Wrap 6’10” rod coupled with a Tica Splendour SJ2000 reel, 3.1kg Climax Soft-n-Strong braid and 6lb Climax fluorocarbon leader.

The GoSo Big Bream, a cracking 1.55kg specimen, was landed by Victorian Craig Seginor in very shallow water on a TT HWS jig, Berkley Sandworm in Camo and 3lb Nitlon leader.

All attention now focuses on the Ford Courier BREAM Grand Final, held at Ballina on 27-29 October. For the latest information see www.bream.com.au for information on the qualifiers. – ABT


Boater Results
PlaceAnglerFishWeight (kg)
1Scott TOWNER10/106.430
2Stephen DUFF 8/105.045
3Adam TODD5/103.505
4Shaun OSSITT5/102.980
5Mick PRESSNELL5/102.570
6Craig SEIGNOIR2/102.220
7Darren BORG 5/102.160
8Drew MCGRATH4/102.090
9Mark GERCOVICH3/101.795
10Nathan MCKERNAN3/101.685
Non-Boater Results
Place Angler FishWeight (kg)
1Don JOHNSON7/103.755
2Steve EVANGELOU6/103.255
3Martin TERRY4/102.295
4Matthew SMITH4/102.020
5Chris ANAGNOSTOU3/101.680
6Tom HAHN3/101.455
7David ORSINI2/101.265
8Graham WHIBLEY1/101.190
9Norm KEMP1/101.090
10Damien FARRUGIA-GAY2/101.045

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