Quality Trout at Tullaroop
  |  First Published: August 2006

Yes, I might sound like a broken record but the Ballarat and District has recorded another month of below average rainfall.

The middle to late stages of winter have produced plenty of cold frosty mornings, with perfect fishing conditions during the day, but no rain. Anglers though, have been rewarded for their time and effort on the water.

Tullaroop Reservoir

Tullaroop Reservoir has again proved to be our top water. Quality brown trout have been caught on bait and flies. Maryborough angler Jamie ‘Poss’ Postle has been catching browns to 5lb fishing with mudeyes suspended under a bubble float.

He has been fishing a variety of locations at Tullaroop.

The secret to fishing a mudeye under a bubble float is to have your fishing line well greased with a floatant. Have the wind behind you and allow your bait to drift around and cover different areas along the shoreline.

Brian Hughes, another Maryborough angler, has been catching quality browns on fly. His successful pattern has been a Tom Jones fished in tandem with a green Woolly Bugger.

The browns have been chasing smelt along the shorelines and bays.

Brian walks along the banks at this time of year targeting the smelters. They are easy to locate when in a feeding frenzy. Just keep an eye out for any fish crashing across the water’s surface. Work your fly or lure in these disrupted areas where the smelt have revealed themselves and hang on. A trout could attack your offering at anytime.

Newlyn Reservoir

Newlyn would have to be the most consistent water in the Ballarat district. The water level is the lowest for many years, but this hasn’t deterred the fish or the fishers.

The Ballarat and Bendigo Fly Fishers Club fished for the Goldfields Trophy recently with approximately 20 flyfishers competing. Trout were observed chasing smelt all day, just out of casting distance. No trout were caught for the competition.

Melbourne flyfisher and regular Newlyn visitor Ivan Boccor landed a lovely 2.5lb brown trout on a smelt pattern whilst the competition was on.

Bait anglers have been catching browns to 3lb fishing from the dam wall and along the old road located on the eastern side of the reservoir. Mudeyes fished under bubble floats have been the most effective method.

Wombat Reservoir

John O’Callahan reports that trout have been midging at Wombat Reservoir near Daylesford. The fish proved to be very elusive though with John trying various fly patterns without success.

Bait and lure fishermen were also trying their luck to no avail. It was good to see plenty of fish moving though. If you can work out the right method then there are plenty of fish to be caught here.

Cosgrove Reservoir

Cosgrove Reservoir a picturesque little water located at Creswick. It has been fishing well recently with quality brown trout caught. I fished out there the other day and observed trout feeding just out of casting range on midge. This water tends to fish very well over the next few months.

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