Glenelg Opened Up Again
  |  First Published: June 2006

Overall, the fishing around Nelson has been quite good. The river was blocked and in mid May the authorities dug a channel between the sea and the river and released the flooded Glenelg.

The process that the local Parks Victoria officers have to go through to get the river opened is amazing. No fewer than six government bodies have to sign off. The final call is made by a scientist who measures the amount of oxygen in the water. If all is well, they tell Parks to let her go.

The theory behind all this is interesting. When the sand at the estuary is dug out, the top few feet of water is released. This is the oxygenated water where the fish live. If they let the mouth go at the wrong time the fish remaining in the river just choke to death, just like they did in the Surry River last year.

What to Expect

It looks like we’re in for a fairly wet winter, which will certainly affect our mulloway stocks and the fishing. I’ll still drag lures around between Dry Creek and the sandy waterholes though. We’ve had some good results in May, between showers, with some very nice mulloway in amongst the more common 6 to 8 pounders. One fish went 12lb. I also heard of a few people getting spooled in Taylor’s Strait.

I haven’t yet heard of a mulloway capture on an Ecogear SX40 lure but it’s only a matter of time. We’ve got good bream on them though, in between trolling for mulloway. Along with my trusty jointed Rebel Fastrac Minnows and my Attack lures, we’ll give the SX40s a good go soon.

I reckon shiny gold lures work well in the dirtier water. I have some older Rebels that have been knocked around by the sharp teeth of mulloway, and have painted them in the hope that I’ll get a few more trips out of them.

We’ll also drag around a few Storm lures – I’m swinging towards the smaller two inch ones with a holographic pattern moulded onto them.

Bream catches continue to astound. Before the mouth was released, the estuary to Donovan’s Landing was productive with good bags of fish reported all month. It should continue this way into June. I’d suggest that, if we have good rains, the fish will stay in the area between the estuary and Hutchessons Landing.

Say G’day

Drop into the Hotel or call us before you leave and we’ll give you the good oil. Giving fishing advice isn’t easy. We try and provide the latest reports, be they good or bad.

Sometimes, I feel like a broken record about these Glenelg bream, but it really is good fishing. You’ll catch heaps, and while most will be undersize, they do allow you to experiment a bit and refine your techniques.

With the water getting dirtier from rain and washed in sediment, it’s worth fishing out from the bank. Fresh water will be on top so the saltier stuff, where the bream prefer to live, will be down a few feet. This depth will vary though, depending on where you’re fishing on the river. The further up you go, the deeper the fresh water will go.

My fishfinder gives me a reading of salinity and the deepest I’ve seen the fresh is six feet from the surface. This was up at Pritchards Landing in a fairly wet year.

If you want an information pack on Nelson then call us on (08) 8738 4011. We lost a booking diary recently so I must apologise if we lost your details. If you want to email us, then do so via --e-mail address hidden-- I’m no computer guru but we will get back to you.

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