Rain Required to Boost Flows
  |  First Published: May 2006

As autumn moves on and winter approaches, the fishing in the Omeo area continues to be good. We didn’t receive any rain in late March so the farming country is still as dry as you will ever see it and the mountain streams are running incredibly low. Everything is in need of some good rain.

The 2005/06 trout season has been one of the best that I can remember. It’s been a remarkable grasshopper season and the fish will continue to rise to them in May. The ‘hoppers won’t be around for much longer though, so get out there and create some great fishing memories.

Anglers fishing around Anglers Reach should look out for European wasps. They’ve been in plague proportions in this area. They are attracted to food, anything sweet and body movement – waving your hands around isn’t a good idea. Thankfully, they disappear in the evening and have been found in the stomachs of trout. Bush flies and ‘blowies’ haven’t been around recently but the wasps have made up their numbers.

Upper Mitta Mitta

The Mitta Mitta River has been very low, like other rivers in the area, but it has been fishing well. The fish have been smaller than those caught in March with a lot of small browns around 100g being taken.

Some very good fish were also being caught in early April. Peter Abel caught a 1kg fish on a Royal Wulff dry fly recently and released it to fight another day. Another 1.6kg fish was also caught on a grasshopper pattern before being released, upstream of Anglers Reach.

Once we get some decent rain the browns in Dartmouth Dam will begin their spawning run up the Mitta Mitta and hopefully the carp will move back into the lake.

Gibbo River

The Gibbo has been fishing well during the day and at night when the caddis are about. Huge numbers of small rainbow trout have been spotted as well as a few browns. They’re all just there, waiting to be caught.

Livingstone Creek

The Livingstone Creek is fishing well around Cassills. This small river isn’t known for its big fish but plenty of pan-sized browns will be available in May. Flyfishers should use a hopper pattern and bait fishers should find plenty of natural hoppers to use. Don’t be afraid to put 2 or 3 hoppers on the one hook.

Cobungra & Bundarra Rivers

Both these rivers contain fish and are worth fishing, however they remain very low and the fish have been rather spooky.

Dargo Rivers

Give the Dargo rivers a miss. They are all exceptionally low and the fishing has been poor.

May’s fishing will depend upon what rain we receive. If we get good late autumn rain, the fishing could be very good. But if the rain doesn’t arrive then the season will come to an abrupt end.

Your best bet for May is the Mitta Mitta River. It’s the largest in the area and holds the biggest head of fish.

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