May Mulloway Continue
  |  First Published: May 2006

It’s all good news from the mighty Glenelg River. The river’s mouth has been blocked over Easter so it’s become one big lake. Reports of big mulloway, loads of bream, good size snapper and record-breaking tuna have enticed anglers from far and wide to come and enjoy the terrific year we’ve been having.

Bumper Theories

John Wines said back in September that we were going to have a great year and so far his early predictions have been correct. He mentioned that it would be an especially good year for southern bluefin tuna and I’ve heard of some huge tuna catches since. Rob Zynvych from Geelong caught the largest fish I’ve heard of, a 120.7kg southern bluefin from 60km southwest of Portland. Lots of other fish have been boated and hundreds sighted.

There might be an association between all these species and what causes a good or bad year. It could be because the water temperatures have been up by at least 1 or 2. It could even have something to do with all the leatherback turtles that have been seen by anglers out at sea.


If you come to Nelson to chase mulloway in May, I suggest bringing the freshest baits you can find including fresh squid, octopus, spewworms and bass yabbies. Bring crabs, clickers and yabbies for bream.

Magic Mulloway

The mulloway fishing has been unbelievable with plenty of fish in the system up around the Princess Margaret Rose Caves area. Taylors Straight locals have been catching good numbers of mulloway on live mullet and lures, trolled slowly along the banks.

Anglers flicking out fresh spewworms and pilchards have reported great success. Soft plastic enthusiasts fishing with Gulp worms in a variety of colours have also accounted for their share.

Bream Bonanza
Bream catches have been unreal so far this year with lots of fish boated. If you want to target bream then now is the time to hone your skills.
Heath Kempton had a hot night up at The Caves recently fishing with diced pilchards. He bagged out quickly. I can’t recommend a better spot, but call into the Hotel and we’ll give you the latest reports.
Try and choose a time around a moon phase that has promising bite times and come on down. The cheap Fishermen’s Almanac is a good starting point and if you have access to the Rothries charts, they’ll also put you onto the bite times. Fish the banks and reed beds along the river. This is the best place to try until winter rains dirty the water. When that happens you’ll need to fish towards the centre of the river.
SX40 Success

I thought I’d never buy any other hard-bodied lure after continued success with my Rebel Fastrac Broken Backs, Attacks and Creek Monsters, but Ecogear has created these fantastic SX40 lures. I flicked my first one along the bank where I thought I’d spotted the silver flash of a bream. Two turns of the reel later I had a lovely 32cm fish. I continued to fish the SX40 for 2 hours along the shacks and caught six size bream and countless small ones. I also had a bit of fun with some salmon.

At around $20 each these babies aren’t cheap but they work very well. And whilst they come in several colours I can’t recommend one over the other. Just buy the lot and don’t tell the boss. I also suggest you buy an extendable lure retrieving pole so if you do snag up you’ve got some chance of getting back your little investment.

Green Point

The best time for fishing Green Point for big mulloway is rapidly drawing to a close but this unbelievable hot spot should remain on your future spots to fish list. Huge mulloway and some great snapper have been boated there recently. Bring along some drop nets for crayfish too and gear for sharks if you’re that way inclined.

Thanks to everyone who’s asked for an information packs on Nelson. If you want one, call us at the Pub on (08) 8738 4011 and we’ll send one out. We’re still working on detailed maps of the river and the coastline so stay tuned.

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