Lake Redfin Starting to Show
  |  First Published: May 2006

Unfortunately, the change in season has not yet produced the results we were hoping for although temperatures are now starting to drop and there’s still some quality fishing available around Bendigo.

Lake Eppalock

The lake level is continuing to drop and if we receive any significant rainfall it will become increasingly difficult for anglers to launch a boat. At this time of the year, and with low water, the best location to try and launch is the northern end of Meridan Island, which is located in the Kimbolton Pool. Reports of anglers fishing the lake have been scarce. The majority are only having a limited amount of success on small redfin and the occasional golden perch.

Campaspe River

The Campaspe River has produced mixed results. The fishing at Elmore has been disappointing over the last couple of weeks. Murray cod have been scarce however I did hear of one lucky angler that managed to land a very large fish. I will give you more details next month when I get confirmation.

The numbers of golden perch being caught in this area are low although they’re averaging 2kg. Spinnerbaits in gold and purple and lipless crankbaits continue to be the most productive lures at present. The chartreuse coloured lipless crankbaits and redfin pattern colours are also good options.

Phil Keetalaar from Bendigo continues to have great success fishing the small water between Elmore and Lake Eppalock. It’s been a very rewarding season for a number of fishermen that have put in the effort and walked the banks of the Campaspe.

We’ll probably see a reduction in the number of natives caught from now on, however the coldest months of the year can be a great time to target redfin.

Cairn Curran

The water level in the lake is now in single figures. Boat launching can be difficult and a 4wd is recommended. The majority of captures continue to be small numbers of redfin.

Brad Day of Bendigo recently landed his personal best on a no.3 StumpJumper, colour 32. It measured 45cm and weighed 2.4kg. Hopefully, it’s a sign of things to come – a good season targeting the winter run of redfin can be heaps of fun and very productive.

Small numbers of golden perch were still being caught in late March and early April. Jeff Nankerville landed a 3.2kg golden while fishing with Cod Hunter Fishing Tours. His fish was landed on a Custom Crafted Fishstik in a redfin colour scheme, fishing in 3.5m of water.

There have been some reports of trout caught but the majority have been bycatch for those targeting redfin. We should see a few anglers dusting off their Lofty’s shortly as they prepare for winter trout trolling.

Loddon River

The Loddon River looks good but at this stage is failing to produce the goods. It’s normally good in May. Water clarity remains good. I’m hoping that with the reduction in flow at the end of the irrigation season we may yet see a good run of fish before winter arrives.

Fishermen are still landing small numbers of Murray cod and golden perch, but for the majority it’s been a lot of hard work for little reward.

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