Looking Towards Low Water Goulburn
  |  First Published: April 2006

With the arrival of autumn, irrigation demands down in the Goulburn Valley have reduced. This has brought about a minor improvement in the fishing.

The feeder streams are holding steady, with the number of grasshoppers the only real change. They’re starting to thin out after several months of terrific action.

Lake Eildon

The lake’s water level is now below a third and the fishing has been dominated by redfin catches according to Grahame Morrow from Peppin Point Holiday Park. He reports that redfin from 250 to 450g have been caught in abundance with bait fishermen having the most success. Earthworms and scrubbies have been effective although a few anglers have had good results working lures near the timber.

Eildon Pondage

Rod Grotaers from Totally Trout in Alexandra reports that the pondage continues to fish well for bait anglers with brown and rainbow trout to 1.7kg. The best baits have been earthworms and pink PowerBait fished on the bottom. Mudeyes under bubble floats, drifted across the top, have also been good. Pink Tassie Devils and Crocodile lures have been producing a few trout for the lure casters with Bourke Street and the dam wall corner the best locations.

Goulburn River

The Goulburn’s flow has reduced and there’s been a slight improvement during evening rises with sparse hatches of Baetis and Caenis mayflies. They’re seeing a few trout rising but nothing compared to those expected when the water drops further. Throughout the day the fishing has been slow with only the odd trout to 450g caught from the backwaters and close in along the riverbank. Earthworms, PowerBait and weighted nymph patterns have been best. Expect things to improve come Easter.

Rubicon River

Lure anglers working Celtas, Jensen insects, and Vibrax lures through the faster runs have done well. Flyfishers are achieving similar results with weighted nymph patterns fished in the same areas. The odd trout has fallen to grasshopper patterns but this is starting to wane. My tip is to search the river for sections of heavy grass where the last of the hoppers will be.

Acheron River

The Acheron is still fishing well to all methods with lure casters, particularly those with small bladed spinners, enjoying success. Flyfishers have caught trout on weighted nymphs and the odd trout on hopper imitations. The evening rise is still producing trout as caddis hatch in good numbers in some sections of river.

Big River at Jamieson

Lure anglers have taken good numbers of brown and rainbow trout to 450g on Countdown Rapalas, Vibrax spinners and Celtas. Bait anglers have had best results fishing earthworms and PowerBait on the bottom, while flyfishers have done extremely well with weighted nymphs.

King Parrot Creek

Ray Butterworth from Tranquil Risers reports that amidst low flows he and a client spooked a lot of trout from the tail ends of pools during a recent day on the water. They managed six trout for the day with many other encounters.

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