Some Lakes Hot, Other Not
  |  First Published: April 2006

With the onset of autumn our lakes and rivers will cool and the trout fishing will improve.

Newlyn Reservoir

Newlyn has been slow with just the odd trout to 450g caught along the dam wall on mudeyes drifted under bubble floats.

The good redfin captures from previous months have waned. Earthworms fished on the bottom has accounted for only a few reddies.

The coming month should see the fishing improve with cooler conditions and a resurgence of mayfly hatches. Sometimes, these autumn hatches can be just as good as those of spring.

Hepburn Lagoon

The fishing at Hepburn has been sporadic with baitfishing the most productive method during late February. Like Newlyn, mudeyes fished under bubble floats have been good, particularly along the southern shoreline. A second resurgence of mayfly is also likely, so go prepared to cover a few different options. (see News item re: fish deaths at Hepburn – Ed.)

Harcourt Reservoir

Peter Emilan reports that on a recent afternoon session at Harcourt he caught a few brown trout to 450g on tiny pale Caenis mayflies. The most trout activity was along the western shoreline, just out from the flooded brush.

Peter forgot to take his small flies box so had to resort to others such as stick caddis, golden olive BMS and fur flies. It turned out alright though because, at last light, the response to the black fur flies was amazing.

Bostock Reservoir

The lake is still low and muddy around the edges. Bait fishermen have taken the odd trout and many more redfin on earthworms fished on the bottom.

Flyfishers have reported lots of trout rising but the fishing has been extremely hard. Some success was achieved with size 18 midge patterns.

Wombat Reservoir

Paul Guljas reports that Wombat has been fishing well for bait anglers targeting trout using mudeyes under a float or maggots in conjunction with a berley cage.

Fly anglers have managed good catches of redfin using sinking lines and Craig Night-time flies.

Lake Beaufort

Earthworms and scrubbies fished on the bottom and flies, such as stick caddis, fished over the shallows have caught fish of late. Trout have ranged from 200 to 750g and most success has been had along the western shoreline.

Woady Yallock River

Trout to 500g have been taken on earthworms, scrubbies and grasshopper imitations. One local angler mentioned that there were a lot of small 6” trout that were best targeted with size 16 and 18 hooks.

Lake Daylesford

Paul Guljas reports that Daylesford has been fishing well for small trout with bait anglers having the most success using maggots under a float. Some flyfishers have also done well, catching trout in the last hour of light on midge dry flies in the calm water.


Essentials For April

MidgesSize 20/18 Spackle Midge, Red Midge, Black Midge & Rabbit Midge.
GrasshoppersSize 12/10 Nobby Hopper, Rubber Legged hopper, Banjo Hopper & Hackle Hopper.
BeetlesSize 16/14 Red Tag, Cochy-bondu & Deer Hair Beetle.
MudeyesSize 10 olive, green and brown Cruddlers, Hamills Killer, Mrs Simpsons & Craigs Night-time.
Smelting Flies BMS in grey and silver, Bag Flies & Tom Jones.
Other WetsSize 10/12 Hairy Dogs, Red and Black Matukas, Red Woolly Buggers & Zulus with a red tag.

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