Prime Time For Big Boys
  |  First Published: April 2006

We’re now approaching a great time to target quality Murray cod and golden perch because the autumn months are when the big fish come out to play.

Lake Eppalock

The water level continues to fall and the fishing has been disappointing with low numbers of small redfin caught. Good numbers of carp have been landed by land-based anglers, mainly fishing with worms. Carp provide good sport for juniors but must not be returned to the water alive.

The golden perch fishing has been slow, however as water temperatures start to fall, we often see a secondary peak in their activity before the winter months arrive. Limited success has been enjoyed by some who have been fishing the standing timber.

The two most productive methods have been casting lipless crankbaits into the middle of the timber, allowing them to sink, and then slow rolling them back to the boat. Goldens have also been caught by trolling deep diving lures around the edges of the timber. We should see an increase in the catch rates of golden perch over the next few weeks.

Campaspe River

The Campaspe has continued to be a productive destination. It has however, been a little patchy above the Elmore Weir because water levels have been fluctuating on a regular basis. This has not helped the fishing; it doesn’t usually fish well for a day or two after a quick rise or for a couple of days after a drop. The fishing has definitely been more productive when the river has been stable.

Water clarity has remained very good and should only improve until substantial rain arrives. Good numbers of goldens have been caught on spinnerbaits and small to medium sized hard-bodied lures. A small number of anglers are continuing to have success on lipless crankbaits.

This season the skinny water between Elmore and below Lake Eppalock has been very productive. There are many access points along this section of river. Just walk the banks until you find some deep water. The beginnings and ends of the deep holes are most productive.

Some quality redfin have been caught in the couple of deep holes below the dam wall on no.3 StumpJumpers, small Custom Crafted Hammerheads and spinners such as Hogbacks.

Cairn Curran

The fishing at Cairn Curran remains slow with mostly small redfin caught although there has been the occasional quality golden perch landed as well.

Water levels continue to fall rapidly and this hasn’t helped the fishing. On a positive note, we should see a few more golden perch actively feeding in autumn along with the beginning of some good trout fishing. Some of the best trout action can be had early in autumn so don’t miss the boat.

Loddon River

It’s now prime time to fish the Loddon River for good numbers of big golden perch and Murray cod. So far this season the Loddon River at Bridgewater has produced many personal bests for anglers who have put the time in.

Local Bendigo angler Craig Nadort recently landed a Murray cod that measured 92cm, estimated at 16.5kg, on a 1/2oz Bassman spinnerbait. The fish was released.

It’s been pleasing to hear about the numbers of good cod that have been caught and released in the Loddon River this season.

Low numbers of golden perch have been caught in the Loddon this season. Hopefully we will see this trend change shortly with a seasonal increase in catch rates.

The Loddon River below Bridgewater only receives minimal fishing pressure, but those who consistently fish this area often catch good quality natives. Access to this section is limited as is the amount of good water, with much of it too shallow to hold significant numbers of natives. There are some good spots in there though, and with some legwork, the fish are just waiting to be caught.

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