Hot Weather Slows Fishing
  |  First Published: March 2006

The fishing around Ballarat has slowed dramatically due to the hot weather, however some lakes are producing trout on grasshoppers while others are best tackled during the cooler periods of first and last light.

Newlyn Reservoir

The fishing at Newlyn has really slowed courtesy of the hot conditions. This is especially true for trout, which have been a non-event. Small redfin have been the only saviour for bait anglers who’ve been fishing earthworms and scrubbies on the bottom.

Hepburn Lagoon

Hot weather has brought about a quiet Hepburn too, with trout probably concentrating on surviving rather than feeding. The odd cold front has crossed the state with conditions enabling a few anglers to catch some trout. Stuart Reece had a good day recently taking a 4lb brown trout, fishing wet flies. Live minnow has been the best bait by far when fished at last light.

Gong Gong Reservoir

It’s been a long time since I’ve fished this lake but on a recent trip I managed to take two rainbow trout to 1lb on a Hamill's Killer pattern. Bait fishermen have also taken the odd rainbow and brown trout on PowerBait fished on the bottom. Fish the northern and western shorelines.

Harcourt Reservoir

Also known as Barker’s Creek Reservoir, Harcourt has been fishing fairly for brown trout to 2lb, most of which have been taken by bait anglers using live minnow and spider mudeyes under a float.

Flyfishers have also been taking trout with damsel nymphs and olive green Woolly Buggers.

John Guljas and friend Mick had a good day up there recently taking a number of browns on mudeye imitations fished close in along the shoreline. The lads recommend the western shoreline.

Malmsbury Reservoir

There have been some good beetle falls around the cemetery section of the lake. The trout have responded, rising in good numbers with specimens to 2lb taken.

The right weather conditions are needed for beetle falls so don’t be upset if you get there and it’s not happening. Try to pick your days; warm to hot northerly windy days are best. Try a size 16 Red Tag.

Baitfishing with mudeyes under floats continues to produce the odd trout, with the dam wall the best location.

Lauriston Reservoir

Lauriston is part one of three linked reservoirs (others being Malmsbury and Upper Coliban Res.) in the Kyneton district and has been fishing well for flyfishers using grasshopper patterns along the southern shoreline.

This southern shoreline has good grasshopper habitat. Size 12 Nobby Hoppers and Rubber Legged Hoppers have accounted for trout to 1lb.

Baitfishing has been slow, although the odd trout to 1lb has been taken on earthworms, scrubbies, and PowerBait during the cooler periods of the day – early and late.

St Georges Lake Creswick

St Georges has been productive for redfin to 1lb fishing earthworms and maggots on the bottom. The trout fishing has slowed due to the heat but flyfishers have reported that when calm weather conditions occur during that last hour of light, some sparse hatches of midge are occurring.


March Ballarat Essentials

Midgessize 20/18 Spackle Midge, red Midge, black Midge, Rabbit Midge
Grasshopperssize 12/10 Nobby Hopper, Rubber Legged Hopper, Banjo Hopper and Hackle Hopper
Beetlessize 16/14 Red Tag, Cochy-Bondu, Deer Hair beetle
Mudeyessize 10 olive green and brown Cruddlers, Hamills Killers, Mrs Simpsons and Craigs Night-time
Damsel nymphsbead eyed damsel, mono eyed damsel, olive green Woolly Bugger
Smelting FliesBMS in grey and silver, and Bag flies and Tom Jones
Other wetssize 10/12 Hairy Dogs, red and black Matukas, red Woolly Buggers and Zulus with a red tag

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