River Redfin Rally
  |  First Published: March 2006

We’ve endured prolonged spells of extremely hot weather, summer storms that brought heavy rain, thunder, lightning and bushfires so far this year. Despite this variability, the fishing has been good.

In the Goulburn River at Seymour the river is running high but is quite clear. The redfin have been on the bite and have been for some time now. My two boys spent many hours on the Goulburn over the school holidays. They took good size redfin on worms and yabbies but had most success on Squidgy soft plastics. The 65mm Wriggler in bloodworm was the most successful.

These plastics worked best when rigged with a small jighead, cast from the bank and worked back slowly. Using light gear gave these Squidgies the best action but also caused the loss of a couple of large fish.

Sunday Creek

We don’t hear much about Sunday Creek. It’s a small water that doesn’t always look enticing to visiting anglers but is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Redfin are the main species at present and there have been plenty taken.

Waranga Basin

I’ve tried on two occasions to fish Waranga but due to high winds was unable to get out. We did, however, fish the channels and managed to catch some good redfin. A good backup strategy if you too encounter rough lake weather over that way. Both baitfishing and lure casting will get you fish.

Goulburn River

Another windy weather option is Undera on the Goulburn River. Murray cod have been quite active as have the yellowbelly. It’s worth taking a shrimp net because they’re one of the best baits. And if you have any shrimp left over at the end of the day you can take them home and freeze them. They’re particularly handy if you’re planning a trip to Mokoan because they are, without doubt, the best bait for yellowbelly there. They can be tough to get alive at Mokoan so having a ready supply will save you some trouble and time.

Lake Mokoan

Mokoan has been fishing quite well for both cod and yellowbelly. A word of warning though; the lake has recently been affected by an outbreak of blue green algae, which is not uncommon for this water. The lake can still be fished as the algae won’t affect the fish; just avoid making contact with the water.

Tinnie Muster

The Mercury Savage Marine Seymour Tinnie Muster will be held on the long weekend of 11 to 13 March. The objective is to set a Guinness record count for the most tinnies ever assembled. There will be many other activities over the course of the weekend, including the chance to win a boat, motor and trailer package. For more information contact the Seymour Visitor Information Centre on (03) 5799 0233 or visit www.seymour.org.au/tinniemuster

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