Hoppers on the go
  |  First Published: February 2006

The hot weather has increased the need for irrigation and the Goulburn is now flowing high. Hopefully, this will continue for few more months.

This increase isn’t a bad thing, it just means anglers will have to change tactics to catch trout.

The good news is that the feeder streams have lowered and have been fishing well.

Lake Eildon

Redfin have been caught on scrubworms, red wrigglers and small yabbies in the Boonie Doon area. Yellowbelly have been the main captures on deep diving lures while small trout have fallen for PowerBait and spinners.

February will see water temperatures continue to rise, which should maintain native fish captures for bait and lure anglers.

Eildon Pondage

The pondage is still fishing well for a mixed bag of trout. The biggest have been close to 10lb, but most are 3-5lb. Mudeyes fished under a bubble float have been taking trout, while lure casters have had good results on Tassie Devils and deep diving lures. Bait fishermen are having the most success on sherbet and orange PowerBait.

Goulburn River

The river increased to 8000ML in January to provide downstream irrigators with water. This made some aspects of the Goulburn harder to fish, while opening up other areas.

The shallowest backwaters have been the best spots for bait anglers fishing worms, scrubbies and mudeyes. Flyfishermen have done well in the deeper backwaters with hopper patterns fished from mid-morning until mid-afternoon.

Rubicon River

The Rubicon has been flowing at a great level and the fishing has improved dramatically. With lots of anglers fishing the river in January, the trout were easily spooked so careful approaches and delicate presentations were needed.

Throughout most days live grasshoppers have been the best tactic on the Rubicon. Fished under a bubble float or drifted down on light spin gear and greased line is the way to go. Flyfishermen have reported good captures to 1lb on size 14 Nobby Hoppers.

Acheron River

The Acheron has been flowing nicely and trout have responded to grasshoppers fished near the edge. During the day, live hoppers and imitations have taken trout from 200 to 500g. The evening rise has also produced good dry flyfishing action with hatches of caddis inducing many trout to surface feed. My recommended caddis patterns are size 16 Elk Hair Caddis, Goddard Caddis and Creel Caddis. The Breakaway area has been fishing the best.

King Parrot Creek

Some nice trout have been taken around the Flowerdale area. Bait fishermen have had best results on earthworms and maggots, which have accounted for trout to 500g. Flyfishermen have started to catch trout on hopper patterns fished blindly to likely looking areas, while the evening rise has produced trout to caddis dry flies.

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