Future looks bright
  |  First Published: December 2005

What a great year it’s going to be. With plenty of spring rain last year, water levels are high around Albury and it seems like they’ll stay like that for some time to come.

Lake hume

Lake Hume is going nuts at the moment with redfin up to a kilo common for most anglers. Bait, mainly worms and yabbies, seems to be the flavour of the month but anglers using cocktail shrimp are still taking their fair share.

The great thing about reddies is that they can be caught from anywhere in the lake, it’s not just the anglers in boats getting all the action.

A simple running-sinker rig with a worm will keep you entertained for an afternoon.

Lake Hume golden perch are still firing with trolling lures like the 60mm Viking or the Ultra Deep Merlin working best. The most productive colours have varied over the past few weeks but there has been little consistency with feeding patterns – it’s just a matter of having your lure in the right spot at the right time.

I’ve found that trolling rocky banks such as those around One Tree Island, around five to six metres down, is the best way to target the yellas.

Murray River

The Murray River below Lake Hume is starting to settle down with the golden perch spawning run coming to an end. Recent trips to the spillway have resulted in more carp then yellowbelly smashing my lures. The carp put up a far better fight, anyway.

The river is still high but should start to recede in a couple of weeks, depending on the weather.

Bait fishing around snags is a good way to pick up a cod or a yella with yabbies and bardi grubs by far the best options.

With a canoe or a boat, the river can be a great place to fish and is quite often overlooked by the locals. But every snag can hold fish and casting lures, mainly spinnerbaits, around them can turn into a red-hot session.

The area where the Kiewa River meets the Murray, just downstream from the water works reserve, has always been a hot spot at this time of year but a boat is a necessity.


The Murray above Lake Hume has started out well this year with quite a number of reports coming in of some nice cod anywhere from the Jinjellic Bridge to the Dora Dora pub, where the lake is at present backed up to.

Once again, it is mainly spinnerbaits doing all the damage but bait fished hard against most snags in about four to five metres has resulted in quite a number of cod.

One thing to remember when fishing in the upper Murray is to take a second look at your catch because there are large numbers of the endangered trout cod kicking about and they look very similar to Murray cod.

Finally, there is now a local distributor of the Koastal Kayak in Albury. This type of canoe/kayak is by far the best I have used for fishing. It’s easy to handle and is so stable you could just about do a dance on it. Call Mark Tracey on 0417 990 007 for details.

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