Stocked Cod Deliver
  |  First Published: December 2005

The Murray cod season is now well and truly underway.

I enjoyed a trip to the Wakool River for the opening. We stayed at Glenbar Station where the fishing was sensational. Check out their website at www.glenbaronthewakool.com.au. I know that this area is in NSW but it’s just a short distance over the Victorian border at Swan Hill and many people from Victoria believe the extra miles are worth it.

Goulburn River

For those wanting to fish a little closer to home the Goulburn River downstream of Seymour to Undera has produced some good Murray cod and yellowbelly. This will continue right through the warmer months. A not so common catch these days was that of Ross Colley – two catfish of 1.4kg and 1.7kg at Undera. He was fishing off the bank. Both fish were released. He also caught a small yellowbelly and three cod.


Lake Mokoan is fishing very well for both cod and yellowbelly. On two recent trips we’ve managed to take both species. When fishing Mokoan I often drift. Sometimes the fish seem to be shut down but the moving bait gets their interest. We mainly use worms and shrimp when adopting this method.

Now that the cod season is open don’t be afraid to target the cod. Just make sure you have a heavier weight and baits of bardi grubs or larger yabbies. Some very big cod have been caught over the last month so hang on to that rod and be prepared for some action.


In my last report I didn’t have much to offer in relation to Waranga Basin. Well that’s changed! The redfin are on the bite. Recent catches on both bait and lures have been the best for some time. As the weather gets warmer this should only get better.


Lake Eildon continues to hold its head up as a premier fishery. The yellowbelly have been on the bite with fish to 9kg taken. It does annoy me that people are taking home bags of ten fish up to 9kg. These large fish are of no value on the table so please put them back.

As good as this fishery is and even with the constant stocking program it can’t survive if large numbers of anglers take home large bags every visit. I have even heard reports of some exceeding the bag limit. I encourage you to report any illegal activity to the 13-FISH Fisheries hotline.

The redfin are really on the go at Eildon now and fish of 1.5kg have been reasonably common. These are excellent redfin in anyone’s language and well worth targeting.

Murray cod have also been taken and although I’ve seen many cod caught from this lake I managed to catch my first one the weekend prior to opening whilst trolling for yellowbelly. It was a very nice fish of 3.5 kg. This is only a small one compared to some I have seen but it was very well proportioned with great colourations. I’d love to catch him again in a couple of year’s time.

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