Barra Elite is neat and fleet
  |  First Published: July 2006

A first glance at the Stacer 435 Barra Elite lets you know this is a flashy, smart-looking boat but when you step aboard and take it for a spin, you won’t be disappointed.

The new EVO hull provides a smooth, comfortable ride and good overall performance and the test boat had a few optional extras that make this boat a treat to drive.

The sports console version was matched with a 50hp Mariner EFI four-stroke, 75L underfloor tank, navigation lights and rotomoulded battery tray in the casting platform, for a start. The standard Ready 2 Go Boating package doesn’t have these features and is considerably cheaper but for $21,990, this tricked-up model is the way to go if you want a comfortable day on the water or an entry-level tournament boat.

The side console, carpeted decks and comfy seats make a big difference. The EVO hull has stability at rest and a soft, smooth ride. Tested on a calm, flat day, the 435 Barra Elite handled extremely well, even through tight turns at speed. Some chop would have been good to put the boat through its paces but let’s face it, most boaters stay home when conditions are rough. I’m sure the Barra Elite would get you home in any estuary if the weather got nasty.

Rob Sewell from Camden Haven Marine did a great job putting this package together and it handled really well. Some other boats I’ve driven similar to the Barra Elite are a little sluggish out of the hole but this boat was up and cruising with very little effort.

It was a delight to drive and cruised at 3000rpm around 45kmh with very little effort and maxed out at 5800rpm and around 65kmh. With a few slight adjustments Rob assured me these revs would be reduced and give even better performance.


For a fishing platform under 4.5m, the Barra Elite is right up there with plenty of space for four people bait fishing and excellent space for two lure casters. Even though the test model didn’t have a bow-mount electric there is plenty of room to mount one.

The two rotomoulded forward storage bins can store the anchor, ground tackle and PFDs. The rotomoulded battery tray is an optional extra and can be plumped as a livewell if you don’t want to store a battery there. The live bait tank and battery box under the rear platform are well-positioned and also rotomoulded.

On the opposite side where a fuel tank would usually go is plenty of storage space the port side pocket adds to the plentiful storage.

Walking around the Barra Elite is easy, safe and roomy. Gunwale height is enough to make you feel safe and it’s easy for an adult to reach the water to wash their hands or land a fish. The casting deck has plenty of room and the hull feels really stable, making it a great platform for throwing lures.

Grab rails are well-positioned and helm visibility is excellent. Gauges are easy to read and well-positioned and there is plenty of room to fit a sounder and radio. The wheel is set at a nice height and feels good in your hands.


The test model was equipped with a 50hp Mariner EFI four-stroke with an 18” prop. Weighing 112kg, it is at the maximum end of the recommended power and I think you’d feel underpowered if you went any smaller, especially when you gear up the boat and have a few people on board. Top end speed isn’t always the first priority for new boat buyers but you always wish you had more when you get on the water.

The optional extra underfloor fuel tank frees up more storage and provides excellent balance.

If you’d like to test drive the Stacer 435 Barra Elite then call into Camden Haven Marine, they have plenty of boats and are more than happy to discuss your needs.



Hull length4.35m

Length overall4.40m



Length on trailer5.85m

Height on trailer1.50m

Bottom sheet3mm

Top/side sheet1.6mm

Weight (hull only)265kg

Min power30hp

Max power50hp

Max motor weight112kg

Number of adults4

Aggregate trailer mass750kg

Standard features: EVO Hull; Ally Core hatches; alloy cleat; rotomoulded anchor well; carpeted anchor tray; carpeted floor and casting platform; live bait tank bulkhead; painted hull & stripes; rear casting platform/live bait tank; 2 rod holders; extruded side decks; aft side rails; nav lights;– lean seat, mount & pedestal; 2 seat pedestals; 5 seat positions; side pocket; casting platform storage; transducer bracket; underfloor flotation.

Options: Accessory kit; battery tray in casting platform; two-tone paint; bimini & envelope; electric motor bow mount ; compass; livewell in front casting platform; 27MHz radio; sports console.

Test boat supplied by Camden Haven Marine, 537 Ocean Drive, North Haven, phone 02 6559 9344, website www.camdenhavenmarine.com.au .


The sports console makes the Stacer 435 Barra Elite a treat to drive with good visibility and easy-to-read displays.


The rotomoulded storage bin in the casting deck allows great storage or a livewell.


The forward bins are nice and roomy and there’s room for a bow-mount electric motor.


The sports console provides a good display and protection from the wind when under way.


The console is well-positioned for a smooth ride.


The aft bait tank and battery compartment are well positioned.


The rotomoulded compartments sport a good finish and add interior protection.


The forward casting deck is a great platform to fish from.


At rest the Stacer 435 Barra Elite looks a treat and is very stable.


From the rear when under way you can see how the hull sheds wake and spray.


The Stacer 435 Barra Elite was quick out of the hole with the 50hp EFI Mariner.


The EVO hull provides a comfortable ride under way and is stable at rest.


The Barra Elite handles extremely well at speed.


Stacer 435 Barra Elite with the Mariner 50hp EFI four-stroke is a complete package.


Plenty of room for a day’s fishing or a picnic with the family.


Note the hull’s flat chines for increased stability and the 18° central deadrise for a softer ride.


On its Stacer custom trailer the 435 Barra Elite can be towed by most vehicles.


The hull design makes for a softer ride and good performance.


Plenty of deck space in the Barra Elite

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