Lockjaw at Robinvale
  |  First Published: July 2006

Robinvale on the Murray River has a reputation for producing good numbers of large cod every season and the best of the fishing usually coincides with the cooler months.

For several seasons now this pattern has consistently produced the goods for anglers trolling deep-diving lures. However, over past month the only pattern to emerge is a consistent lack of action.

Fishing in the pool water around Robinvale is by no means full-on at the best of times. This is big fish water; we have found on average a weekend trolling lures should produce at least four strikes. Of these, if you are lucky enough to stay connected, you can expect at least one fish to be around or above 20kg.

Over the past month, however, to drag even a single strike is taking multiple visits. Are there fewer big fish in the pool water around Robinvale or have those that remain become better educated? Only time will tell.

One section of the Murray that has been fishing well, and should continue so over coming weeks, is Wentworth, where anglers are reporting cod and golden perch in good numbers.

Fort Courage has been a popular trolling destination with regular captures of cod around 30kg. This area has grown to be one of the most consistent producers of quality cod along the Murray.

The area also has good numbers of golden perch. Anglers bobbing shrimp seem to produce the best results with small hard-bodied lures and spinnerbaits cast around the snags coming a close second.

Around Swan Hill the fishing has slowed a little but the good news is the crays are starting to move. Strict bag and size limits are enforced so adhere to these for the good of this fishery.

The Murrumbidgee has fished exceptionally well for cod and should continue so. Water clarity at this time of the year is exceptional, making the fish in the shallower margins a little skittish. Go about your business quietly and it’s amazing the depth of water big fish can be found in. Lures generally produce the best results when the water is clear.

The Wakool at Kyalite is another destination worthy of a look during the cooler months. Reputed as having some of the biggest cod around, fish tipping the old 100lb (45kg) mark are reported at least once a season. Some of these are genuine some are guesstimates. At the end of the day though, there are some truly monster cod lurking in this river.

Fishing our rivers at this time of year can be a little cool but, as past seasons have shown, some of the biggest fish are landed then. Other than Robinvale, most areas have fished well over the past month and should continue so well into Winter.

Gus Storer with a ‘smaller’ fish taken in the Murrumbidgee River on a lure. While Robinvale has been quiet, most other areas are fishing well.

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