Variations on Summer patterns
  |  First Published: April 2006

April is supposed to be the first month of the year when a frost is not out of the question, especially up around Oberon, although last year it was not on the ground until May. I’m guessing this year will follow a similar trend.

So look to continue just that little bit longer any warmer-water patterns that you have developed over the Summer. It may mean keeping your lures a little deeper for trout waters such as Lake Lyell and Thompsons Creek Dam, or staying with a beetle or grasshopper, traditional Summer flies on top after dark.

Of course, warmer weather in April can only mean one thing for our local native fisheries – lots more action.

Water temps could still be in the high teens or even the low 20s so don’t put those lure rods away yet. You can bet, though, that most fish will have seen quite a few offerings over the Summer so it may pay to think outside the square a little.

It seems funny but if you know a particular dam, say, Windamere, has been fishing well with a particular lure for quite some period, it may pay to switch to a different lure but still fish the same depth. Or try the same lure in a different size or a more radical colour. Steer away from the norm at this time of year, I find it works for me.

The stealth approach is always important when fishing and is something that a lot of anglers overlook or forget. At this time of year it is even more important.

Get rid of all those loose items in your boat, take those big clodhopping boots off and take things a little slower, nothing scares fish quicker than a goofy-footed baboon trudging up and down in the boat knocking gear all over the place.

Use the electric motor if you have one or drift and use an oar. I even turn my sounder off when casting structure in shallow water (6m or less). You will be amazed what a difference this approach makes, especially at this time of year.


Burrendong Dam has been fishing really well over the past few months and April should be no different. It used to be quite a popular fishing destination some years ago but has had its ups and downs.

I believe the ‘Big B’ has well and truly turned the corner. Sure, local anglers have kept fishing the place but as word spreads more and more travelling anglers are starting to come back.

Golden perch, catfish, and redfin have been the mainstay but I believe the Murray cod potential of this place is yet to be realised. Only thing is, when Burrendong is anywhere near full there is just so much water. I believe the stocking rates, while good, could be better.

The food is there in big numbers in redfin and carp just waiting to be eaten, so how about it anglers of the Central West? Next time you are talking to anyone from DPI Fisheries, give them plenty about it.

Imagine knocking off from work Friday afternoon and spending the weekend catching and releasing half a dozen or more cod over 5kg. How good would that be, that’s the sort of potent ional I think the place can reach.

You can catch me bright and early Saturdays on Australia’s No 1 fishing and boating radio program, Hi-Tide, with Kieran and Bruce.

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