Plenty of action – owzat!
  |  First Published: February 2006

The cricket plays a special part in most Australians’ lives over Summer, especially anglers’.

The timing was perfect. I could get up early, drive to Lake Windamere, catch and release three or four good golden perch on shallow-diving minnows worked around the weed beds, then come home in time for the start of Test play – awesome.

Close of play signalled it was time to pack and then head off to Thompsons Creek Dam or Lake Lyell for some evening trout fishing with the fly rod or some light spin gear.

Yeah, right. I have a wife and two kids so I must be dreaming, but when She Who Must Be Obeyed is away for a few days and my dream might come true.

And with the one-day cricket I’ll still be able to get in a good morning’s fishing…


With water temperatures over 25°, Wyangala Dam in February is like bathwater. Very early morning sessions are the way to go.

Most guys I know over that way will have a definite plan worked out before they leave the ramp. It usually involves casting to some solid structure close to deep water early, then chasing the shade as the sun works its way over the hills.

Some shade pockets will still be able to be fished until about 10am but by then you will be running quite a bit to keep up. Depending on how you have fared by 9am, trolling is possibly your best option.

Please take note: Fish don’t wear watches and these are just generalisations. Let the action, or lack of it, tell you when to make a move.

Bait is also a good option after the early morning lure session. Live yabbies (keep them small) are best worked vertically in and around standing timber.

Keep in mind that the fish may not be on the bottom, but suspended at a certain depth.


Pulley is the new boy on the block at Canobolas Marine at Orange. He was working part-time for a while but now he’s full-time.

The fishing has been pretty good this Summer with some great rain in Spring and water levels on the rise. Customers were coming in and telling Pulley all sorts of stories – Burrendong goldens on the chew, Wyangala cod on surface lures, big Carcoar redfin eating soft plastics and metal jigs. Old Pulley was like a caged tiger.

When he did get out it was with myself and Damien Webb from Cowra for a night session on Wyangala.

I would love to say we brained them but we didn’t – we caught zip. Damien caught a nice fish on a trolled spinnerbait before we got there but Pulley and I went home with our tails between our legs and poor old Pulley is still frustrated. But knowing him as I do, it won’t be long and that caged tiger will be pulling fish from local waters.

Catch me between 5am and 5.30on Saturdays on 2KY’s Hi-Tide, Australia’s No1 fishing and boating radio program.


Look to cast or troll a little deeper at Wyangala once the sun gets up. Note the silver flash strip on the bib of this deep-diving Codger – a good option when light penetration is good in clear water.


Burrendong and Wyangala dams fish very similar at this time of year. Damien Webb is a Wyangala regular who has no trouble adapting to Burrendong golden perch.


Damien Webb is at it again, this time a big gold TD Crank Scouter has done the damage.

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