Chase the shade for success
  |  First Published: December 2005

January is all about avoiding warmer parts of the day. Early morning is by far the best.

Look to fish the eastern sides of lakes and chase the shade. As the sun rises, gradually work your baits or lures deeper.

Heavy cover, such as submerged horizontal trees close to deep water, offers great places to fish at this time of year for native fish.

Approach carefully, standing off quite a distance especially if the water is very clear. Use reaction baits such as spinnerbaits or crankbaits. Try a few different casting angles.

If you have no luck, sometimes it pays to offer a Texas-rigged soft plastic or skirted jig. Move in a little closer and cast to some of the nooks and crannies you missed first up and try to fish them a little deeper.

Wyangala and Burrendong dams have some great options as far as this type of cover is concerned.


As the weather warms and surface temperatures rise, trout move down the water column.

Lake Lyell will see most fish below eight metres although with a relatively cool November and rising water levels in December, it could be a little different this year.

In late evening brown and rainbow trout will move into shallow water in lakes such as Oberon, Thompson’s Creek and Wallace.

Beetle patterns are popular early, then switch to a mudeye pattern as it becomes dark. Be patient and move your fly slowly keep your rod tip low to the water.

A lot of people make the mistake of fishing to far out when fly-fishing at night. Most fish will be caught quite close to shore in shallow water.


Big fish need big meals at this time of year so don’t hold back when it comes to Murray cod. For too long we have fished lures to small for big cod.

These fish are the top of the freshwater food chain and don’t muck around when they are hungry. Watch this space, as the pundits would say.

I have been very busy with work commitments of late and have not been able to keep up my Radio updates on 2KY’s Hi-Tide but hope things will settle down in the New Year.


With January trout, especially during the day, it pays to move a little deeper. This one was caught on a Slider Grub slow-rolled nice and deep.


Don’t know if you can make it out but that’s a set of bird legs poking out of that cod, which was just over 60cm long – not sure about the size of the bird.

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