Christmas Options
  |  First Published: December 2006

Christmas is upon us once again and as I sit here wondering where the hell the year went, I can’t help but reflect on the past 12 months.

Recreational anglers have certainly had their fair share of restrictions and bag limit changes this year. ‘Green zone’ is a term that we have all had to get used to unfortunately and don’t even get me started on the price of fuel! Regardless of what the bureaucrats throw at us we will always fight for our God given right to wet a line. If you are planning to exercise that right this month, here’s the rundown on what’s been happening in the bay.


Platypus Bay has been firing on all cylinders with the bait grounds between Wathumba and Rooneys fishing really well for tuna, mackerel and marlin.

The beauty of this area is that even if it’s blowing more than 20 knots you can always tuck in somewhere out of the breeze and catch fish. If you can’t find baitfish out deep, head in a bit shallower and keep varying your depth until you locate the bait. Often, when it’s blowing, the bait gets pushed close to the beach so don’t be shy about getting in close to Fraser Island. Once you find the bait spend a bit of time working the area before moving on.


Arch Cliffs has been a bit hot and cold the past month but on the good days it has been producing good quality broad bar mackerel, golden trevally and all the tuna species that call Hervey Bay home. The Urangan Pier is still fishing well for pelagic and estuarine species and some big lizards have been plucked from around the pylons so don’t be afraid to fish close to the structure.


The Burrum River is a beautiful place to kick back at Christmas and a great spot to wet a line. Don’t forget the crab pots and cast net either, as a few prawns are on the move and some big bucks have come out of this system recently.

I hope everyone stays safe and enjoys their Christmas break. I’ll catch you next year!

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