It’s brown jocks time again
  |  First Published: November 2006

November is the best time of the year for fishing in Bundaberg and also in most parts of the country.

The estuaries around Bundaberg will fire up as the water temperatures continue to rise and plenty of lure munchers will get in on the act. Many of the stocked lakes in our area will be firing too with the barramundi being on top of most sportfishers’ lists.

Baffle Creek

The Baffle had a lot of duck weed in the lower reaches in early October which made it difficult to fish and there was also some dirty water in the upper reaches of the system. Don’t let this deter you as the duck weed will have started to break down by November and depending on the amount of rain we get, the top of the river should be worth a look.

I would concentrate your fishing efforts in the middle reaches around the ferry crossing and the islands towards the mouth. There should be some good grunter showing up in the middle reaches as prawns and baitfish push upstream. The Baffle is beam trawler free and as a result the prawning has really improved over the past year or two. It’s also worth knowing that the state government has classed the Baffle as a yellow zone and anglers must be aware of the rules and regulations associated with such a zone. The main beach in Bagara, where thousands of tourists spend their holidays, is also partly green zoned, which means no fishing. It seems that our state government is being pressured so heavily by conservation and green groups that common sense, consultation and plain old communication is no longer part of the state’s governing system.

Whale of a time

On a recent trip out of Burnett Heads my fishing partner and I had two visitors pop up under my boat.

Two whales, a mother and calf, just appeared under my 4.1m Polycraft. I have had a few whales around boats while I have been out fishing before but this big mother whale decided to take an up close personal look in my boat. The whale gently lifted itself up enough to see in the boat. The whale circled the boat three times, sitting high in the water right at the transom, before slowly swimming under the boat while turning upside down and showing us its huge white underbelly. It then came back to the surface just at the nose of the boat so my boat was between its head and its tail on the surface at the back of the boat. It was totally exhilarating!

It left my mate and I feeling euphoric having spent 20 minutes with one of nature’s gentle giants, I wonder what it thought of my green Polycraft.

Monduran dam

Well, hasn’t this dam come of age this year?

With the return of fish stocking a few years ago the barra and bass are growing fast. I have been bitten by the dam barra bug lately and have been fishing the dam every chance I get.

I had a couple of tough trips early on but the key is to find the warmer water and be where the fish are when they decide its time to chew. The main bite times have been around 10am and then again around 4pm. This has varied on different days but talking to a few other anglers on the dam the consensus is to have a sleep in then head out for a fish.

The fish are in the shallow water so trollers are having mixed success while the anglers putting in the casts are getting plenty of fish. The fish have been taking a range of lures with B52s the best for most guys while Bombers and Halco Laser Pros have worked for me.

This dam is so big I spent a whole day cruising around poking into places I had never seen before finding some great looking country, although the water was pretty cool in a lot of it. I am sure as the water temperature rises these spots will produce good fish as well.

There is an ABT BARRA tour event on the dam this month. If you fish the dam regularly, this is your chance to compete with some great anglers from around the country. The tournament is a friendly event with plenty of guys willing to share tips on gear and techniques. I’ll see you there.

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