Megabass Hard Body Lures
  |  First Published: November 2006

The Pop X, Mr-X Griffon, Baby Griffon and Live-X Smolt lures from the Japanese Megabass range will meet the needs of any angler who wants to target bass, bream, trout and many other salt and freshwater species.

This range of lures was the product of Megabass design engineer, Yuki Ito, who has been designing lures since 1990 and has incorporated several intriguing features to each lure.

All the lures feature 3D, hand-carved eyes complete with a beautiful scratch-resistant finish called Megabass Super Diamond Coating. The lures possess a hydrodynamic form and an ultra life-like action and are supplied with strong, super sharp hooks. All lures are available in an excellent range of colours.


The Pop-X is a popper that is 64mm long and weighs 7.3g. It was introduced in 1996 and still dominates the high-end lure market of Japan and USA and will probably do so in Australia. The lure has a special feature that Yuki Ito designed and is also equipped with the Side-stepping Balancer that makes the lure walk on the surface in a rolling, walk-the-dog action unlike many other poppers.

It has a pair of water ducts that imitate the bubbly water that comes out of a struggling fish’s gills and helps to create a natural bio-sound, not an ordinary popping sound. It also spits water forward quite a distance and the ‘pop’ is easily heard.

I have had some excellent results with this lure on bass early and late in the day in the low light periods and also on bream when there is a bit of a chop on the water. It’s recommended that this lure be used with a duo snap on attachment, but I prefer to use a Rapala loop knot. I also use 1-2lb gelspun line with a 6-8lb fluorocarbon or 8-10lb monofilament leader. I have found when using fluoro that it tends to drop the nose of the lure too deep into the water and changes its action. These lures were designed primarily for freshwater so they tend to sit a little too high if used in saltwater, as it is denser. As a result, I have opted for a slightly heavier pair of trebles when fishing in the salt.

This lure responds to very slight rod tip movement that gives it the slow dog-walk action. This lure is currently available in four colours and the cicada 11 is dynamite on bass. Use the crack-lime chart for bream.


This is more the traditional crankbait but with some outstanding features. This lure is 45mm long and weighs 7.3g and should be used with the same set-up as the Pop-X. It is available in four colours.

This lure was designed in 1999 and has already claimed its own place within a powerful line up of Megabass crankbait lures. The outstanding features of this lure are its castability, allowing for longer and more accurate casts, which are very important in clear water, and also its larger than life wobble action that resembles prey trying to escape through the water.

This is a mid-depth lure that runs at about 2m, making it excellent for fishing over weed or bouncing it over the bottom. It’s also a good substitute for a spinnerbait or minnow lure. The lure’s design also makes it virtually snag free. The lures internal weight system is designed so that when it is cast the weight moves to the rear and doesn’t cartwheel. When the lure rests in the water the weights move forward and allow the bib to dig in and bring the lure down to its running depth quickly.

I have found when using this lure, a slow movement of the rod tip down to the water while holding tension on the line gets the lure down quicker instead of a quick jerk. The lure responds well to pauses on the retrieve.


This is a smaller version of the previous lure and is 38.7mm long and weighs 4.5g. I regard this as a finesse style lure that needs to be fished using a very sensitive rod and precise techniques.

The team at Megabass designed this lure with all the features of its big brother MR-X in mind, and added some extra features. The idea was to transfer the Griffon’s superior features into this tiny body. The answer was to use the water duct mechanism in order to make this lure swim at the same depth all the way back to the fisher. This duct is located under the rear of the lure and with the traditional Griffon series of lures it casts like a bullet with minimum wind resistance.

With this bait in your tackle box out chasing bream, bass, trout and many other species you have peace of mind, even a little more edge against other anglers. This lure is designed to be worked on a very slow retrieve and use the rod tip to change direction along with the occasional pause. This lure runs down to about 0.4m. When used in the salt you may have to add weight to get the correct buoyancy. This lure is available in four colours.


This is the last of the new range and this is the suspending model. It is a minnow style lure and weighs 3.5g and is 48mm long. It comes in five colour patterns. This is a suspending lure and so if used in salt you may have to make changes to hooks to regain the correct buoyancy.

This lure contains all the Megabass features and also it has a deadly, bait finish along with a unique weight system that permits long casts. As with a lot of finesse lures you often wonder if it could handle those sometimes unexpected trophy fish but the Smolt is built very sturdily. With the most complex multi-way moving balancer system this lure has created a new bait category – the diving jerk minnow. If you like to fish these light finesse baits then this is certainly the weapon to use and I have found them excellent, quite often walking the banks in my local impoundments chasing bass, goldens and silvers and I cannot wait to try them when on the trout on my next trip.

Finesse The best

I think the most important thing to remember with any of these new finesse lures that are now available in Australia is that a lot of designing has gone into them and so it is up to the individual angler to reap the rewards by taking full advantage of the technology.

I cannot stress the importance of correct line size, hook weight and attachments to these lures. Along with hooks there are different split rings also now available from the very light and strong titanium Luresavers, Owner Fine Wire and also the Smith range. The other important factor is the correct rod so that you can feel every bit of action of the lure. There are plenty of good rods out there in the market place so buy the best you can afford. I like to use the shortest rod that I can cast the longest distance with as I find you do not get as much line slap on the water when working a shorter rod. I have been using Ian Miller’s finesse rods for several years and I can vouch for how sensitive they are when using these lures. Good reels are also important with any in the 1000-1500 series quite adequate.

Go and grab some from your local tackle store and give them a run in your local waters. The results will surprise you I can guarantee it!

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