Hello from Hinchinbrook
  |  First Published: November 2006

My name is Nathan Kemp and I run Full-on-Fish’n Charters which is based in the southern end of the Hinchinbrook Channel. I’m locally born and have been fishing the Hinchinbrook Channel my whole life. I’ve been running my fishing charter business for four years have shown plenty of customers why Hinchinbrook is a choice destination for all types of anglers.

What’s been going on?

The Hinchinbrook area had a large downpour of rain recently, which pushed a lot of fresh into the system with dirty water coming down from the Herbert River. This caused a drop in water temperature and anglers had to travel further to escape the murky conditions and get results. It only takes two weeks for the water to clean up and the fish will have well and truly returned by November.

If the southern end is fishing poorly, travel to the northern end of the Hinchinbrook Channel. Cardwell tends to fish better and isn’t affected by the mini floods as much.

Missionary Bay has been fishing well with barramundi still biting fairly well once you consider all the conditional changes we’ve had in the past few months. Both lures and live bait have scored a range of fish and both techniques are working well in different areas. Live bait has been working well on the run-out tides with some good sized barra caught on large herring and garfish baits around the creek mouths. Lures have also been working well on the neap tides.

If you’re after mangrove jack try trolling deep structure with a fairly locked up drag as they are just starting to show some aggression.

Coming up

The Hinchinbrook region will come alive over the next few months and the water temperature should rise to around 28. The barramundi closed season starts on 1 November and the prized sport fish is off limits until 1 February2007. There are still a lot of other fishing options within the channel with quality mangrove jack, javelinfish, fingermark, cod and other species still available providing some great fishing action on lure or live bait during this period.

If you’re interested in fishing the Hinchinbrook Channel and looking for a great fishing holiday don’t hesitate to contact me on (07) 4776 6596 or go to www.fullonfishn.com.au .


Harry Lamb caught this barra recently whilst holidaying in the Hinchinbrook.


The Pommy Chef with a quality fingermark caught using live garfish as bait.

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