Lakes Ready To Fire
  |  First Published: October 2006

Both Lakes MacDonald and Borumba should be firing in October. The resident saratoga populations should be well and truly on the go at both locations. Spinnerbaits and beetlespin lures are good tools for ‘toga, although they are often caught on bibless lures and traditional minnows as well.

Targeting the weed beds is a good way to go in MacDonald whilst up at Borumba you can cast at submerged trees and lantana all day long. Afternoons seem to be the best bet for these hard pulling fish. Fish over 70cm really take some landing and can test your gear to the fullest extent. A decent leader as insurance around the structure is mandatory as are very sharp hooks. Saratoga have very bony mouths and a poorly sharpened hook will not hold. You’ll need everything going in your favour if you are to land that big ‘toga this summer!

The bass, yellows and silvers should be responding well to lures casts along the edges of the dam. Almost anywhere is worth casting, as long as you are landing the lure near structure of some sort. This may simply be weed or lily beds or more substantial cover such as overhanging foliage, drowned timber or lantana bushes sitting in the water. The trees in the Borumba Arm are worth casting for silver and golden perch, if that takes your fancy.

Trollers can do well also with the creek bed worth following in MacDonald as well as troll runs in Bass Bay and around Three Ways. Up at Borumba the rock walls are worth a troll, particularly with small extra deep minnow lures.

Bait anglers using live shrimp under a float or very lightly weighted are also very likely to hook fish in October. Hang on tight!

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