Cowboy Wins with Texas Rigs at Isis Showdown
  |  First Published: September 2006

Chris ‘Cowboy’ Galligan and his fishing partner Dave Bullard Texas-rigged their way to the top two positions at the final Lake Gregory (Isis Balancing Storage) MotorGuide BASS Electric Qualifier for 2006.

With the impoundment full, clear and weedy, Chris used a Slider Crystal with gold fleck on a Gamakatsu offset worm hook and rolled it through broken weedbeds in 3-5m of water to land eight bass in his boat. They used a 1/4oz bullet head to take the bait into the weed where the bass were sitting.

Dave used the same rig, with the colour of choice a Slider smoke-yellow core. Both used 4lb Berkley Fireline and 6lb Vanish leader.

The pair fished the middle arm of the lake and stopped in the main basin on the way back to hop soft Jackalls, which resulted in an upgrade for Chris.

“I’m stoked to win one of these events – this is the fourth I’ve fished this year,” Chris said, “and both of us will head of to the convention later this year”.

Thirty-one anglers fished the event and there was one of the best spectator crowds a BASS Electric event has had, with some newspaper publicity on the Friday.

The Bundaberg Sportfishing Club tagged all of the bass before release. – Steve Morgan


1Chris Galligan22.82
2Dave Bullard22.64
3Kevin Hulse22.20
4Adrian Kampf22.14
5Steve Morgan22.00
6Bill Schloss21.98
7Glen Sanderson21.86
8William Schloss21.78
9Nigel Moar21.62
10Dale Smith21.60

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