August fun, anyone?
  |  First Published: August 2006

Having a boat in the Whitsundays provides you with many fishing opportunities in August.

However, many anglers overlook the expansive shores of these islands for catching quality fish. We’ll explain how and what you can catch when fishing island edges.

it’s fun

Fishing from an island shore can be a great way of fishing. It’s an explorative and exciting way to fish as anglers walk and search the edges of one of the many islands in the Whitsundays. There are endless rocky ledges, reefs and sandy bays to discover and fish from. Sometimes, it’s possible to sight cast to golden trevally on a sandy flat and then walk around a rocky point and discover a feeding school of mack tuna within casting range. The possibilities are endless.

There are so many amazing types of fish that you could find, you will want at least two rod set ups to wander island edges.

Tackle to tackle

The variety of species on offer to anglers fishing this style can include small targets such as parrotfish, dusky flathead and sweetlip. These fish often share their habitats with each other, using the features of the edges as their home. These features include reef drop-offs, boulders, sand flats and rocky points. All of these fish are great fun and suitable for kids too. Here’s an example of what you need for this situation.

Rod: Shimano T-curve Tournament spin 2-5kg.

Reel: Shimano Stradic 1000 size.

Line: 20lb Berkley Fireline.

Leader: 25lb Berkley Vanish.

Lures: Berkley Gulps, Storm Pogy’s, Heddon Tiny Torpedos.

Lure action: Double twitch and pause or slow winding.

Other: Polarising sunglasses (red/amber for bright days, yellow for overcast), sun protection clothing/sunscreen.

It’s exciting to fish the island edges as you never know what to expect. Big fish often travel along the edges, using the areas as feeding grounds. When you see them within casting range it is very, very fun. These are the moments that everyone gets excited about. Watching 1m+ queenfish busting bait from the surface or golden trevally tailing on a crystal clear sand flat hunting crustaceans in the sand are other highlights.

Larger species often show up unexpectedly, usually when you don’t have anything in your tackle bag to throw at them. Being prepared for these magical moments is valuable. You need to have all of your tackle tied, rigged and ready for action. These fast paced and aggressive fish won’t wait for you to attach your leader or search for your favourite lure.

When you are in this exciting position, having something like the following in your hands is good.

Rod: Shimano T-curve Bluewater spin 15/24kg.

Reel: Shimano Stradic 4000 size.

Line: 50lb Harro Bionic Braid.

Leader: 80lb Penn 10X.

Lures: Maniac slices, 110mm Squidgy slick rigs, Killalure Cone Poppers.

Lure action: Slow and twitchy or fast winding.

Other: Camera!

Wandering the island edges with fishing rods is a truly enjoyable pursuit. It’s a mixture of fun, relaxation and excitement and also gives you the opportunity to land some seriously big fish. Get out there and fish the Whitsunday Island edges – it is fun for everyone.

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