A Fiery Finish at Cressbrook
  |  First Published: August 2006

On a fine autumn Cressbrook day, Toowoomba fireman Peter Robinson won his first MotorGuide BASS Electric event, beating 46 other competitors in the process and securing his spot in the BASS Electric Convention this September.

Being his local impoundment, Peter had a feeling that the better quality bass would be in the northern arm of the dam, and his hunch was rewarded with a 2/2, 1.50kg bag, anchored by the event’s Big Bass, a fine 1.1kg specimen.

Pete used a 60mm Squidgy Fish (black/gold) rigged on a 1/2oz brown Nitro jighead. With the boat in around 30’ of water, he cast back into 15ft and after the jig sunk to the bottom, worked it back with rapid, violent jigs of the rod tip before letting it sink back to the bottom.

“I saw most fish on the sounder between 20 and 25ft down, so that's where I targeted them,” Robinson said.

“I've been wanting to win one of these for a while, so it feels really good to finally get that first place badge,” he said.

Second placed Keith Fittkau targeted suspended fish at the 30ft depth. He made ultra-long casts with a Jackall MaskVib 60 (gold) on 4lb Fireline with 8lb Nitlon leader.

“I wound the lure so that it was just moving it was that slow,” he advised.

Keith also caught his bass in the lake's northern arm. - Steve Morgan



1Peter Robinson2/21.5
2Keith Fittkau2/21.4
3Dan Ryan2/21.25
4Barry Oxford2/21.15
4Kerry Ehrlich2/21.15
4Wayne Gordon2/21.15

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