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  |  First Published: December 2008

Flavour of the month. A passing fad. Or a very special way of catching barra that anglers have embraced wholeheartedly.

I’d say the later and when you’ve seen the results of fishing with soft plastic creations for barra, you too will be convinced to tie one on like so many other anglers before you. Finishing off our look at new barra lures for 2008/09, the soft plastic boom is set to get bigger with some of these impressive, wiggly and jiggly bits of rubber.

Read on to get a glimpse of what may be gracing the boxes of serious barra anglers across Queensland in 2009.

Evergreen Popper frog
Distributor: Mayfly tackle

Evergreen’s combat lure the Popper Frog features a unique weedless design that is capable of sliding over and through lily pads and weeds, it’s even able to crawl over logs. The Popper Frog goes where conventional lures can’t go, eliciting explosive strikes from barra, bass and saratoga that seek out drowned timber and heavy vegetation, often impervious to standard top-water lures.

The Popper Frog features a super-soft plastic body with a specially designed displacement face for maximum hydrostatic resonance that will call up lurking fish from afar. The line tow-point and heavy-duty twin inverted hook set-up is articulated for maximum flexibility, balance and durability and an additional hook attachment ring is provided for affixing a stinger hook setup, if required.

At 6cm and an easy casting 18g, this soft frog is sure to be a winner in many billabongs, lakes and backwaters where barra are found.

squidgy pro boof frog
Distributor: dunphy sports

The Squidgy Boof Frog will have you fishing the toughest, weediest, fish filled terrain, snag free and with ease. The legs of the Boof Frog beat away so furiously they can be heard paddling a mile away, attracting fish from great distances, even up from the depths.

Each Frog is 110mm long and comes in four great colours - white-pearl, black corroboree frog, green frog and patterned swamp frog. Squidgy Boof Frogs also come with the exclusive S-Factor attractant.

squidgy pro wriggler 140
Distributor: dunphy sports

To be honest, Squidy still don't think they've made a better lure than the remarkable Squidgy Wriggler... except maybe the Squidgy Pro Wriggler!

The new 140 size comes in 4 great colours and features the famous oversized wriggle tail for awesome lure action and large underbelly flaps that hold a heap of S-Factor like a magnet. If you can't catch a few fish on a Squidgy Pro Wriggler smeared with S-Factor feeding stimulant, perhaps it's time to consider taking up golf?

squidgy pro flick bait 145
Distributor: dunphy sports

The Squidgy Flick Bait is a sophisticated, soft stickbait with a proven track record for regularly catching really tricky customers, even in clear, hard-fished waters.

Work your Squidgy Pro Flick Baits with short, sharp, upward or sideways flicks of the rod tip, followed by semi-slack-line pauses and drops... and hold on tight! Bream, snapper, mulloway, flathead, barra, kingfish, tuna... You name it - they all come running for a well-worked Squidgy Pro Flick Bait!

Bozos 6” Mullet
Distributor: bozos lures

The 6” Bozos Mullet brings together some of the very best features of the Bozos range in one, barra-sized offering.

This lure is heavily weighted so you can cast it, or better yet, you can troll it and still catch barra. The single hook has a moulded lead weight and of course the lure features the famous Bozos living eyes and the super efficient Bozos swimming tail.

Available in 13 colours, the 6” Mullet forms part of the exclusive Bozos Barra Series of lures and they are presented to allow novice and experienced anglers alike to experience the thrill of catching bigger barra.

Bassman barra mumblers
Distributor: bassman spinnerbaits

The Mumbler range of lures has taken the cod fishing fraternity by storm and this year Bassman Spinnerbaits introduces a Mumbler designed to target barra.

Taking on much of the same appearances as the original large Mumbler, the Barra Mumbler uses a stronger stinger hook and a 4” Bozos Mullet. This strongly actioned lure has already had success at Peter Faust near Proserpine and Weipa. Because of the design of the Barra Mumbler anglers can get whatever colour combination they desire as all you need to do is change the Bozos Mullet or the skirt to have a home-made colour combination that you believe will be a winner.

atomic 4” prong
Distributor: Frogleys offshore

The Prong is arguably one of the most versatile lures in the Atomic stable.

This bait can be rigged in any way imaginable. It can also be fished very slowly for finicky fish. With its enticing feelers, legs and tail the Prong easily attracts bites where other baits usually fail.

Alternatively it can be fished erratically to mimic a fleeing prawn or crawfish. Its lifelike prawn/crawfish shape and features are irresistible to many different species but is proving to be a go to lure for wild and impoundment barramundi. Rigged with a weighted EWG it can be a great surface bait also. And with a choice of 12 colours, what more would you need?

atomic 6” jerk minnow
Distributor: Frogleys offshore

The Atomic 6” Jerk Minnow is an awesome bait with an amazing array of 16 colours across the two types of Atomic baits (Guzzlers and Ripperz).

These baits have attracted a lot of attention with all of your reef species but have recently been noted as a very useful and successful barramundi bait. It is best rigged lightly and fished slow with erratic twitches to mimic a distressed baitfish. It is equally at home in the snags in rivers as it is in the trees or above the weed in the impoundments.

Berkley Hollowbelly
Distributor: pure Fishing

Natural feel, fluid action and a sexy roll. Berkley Powerbait Hollowbellies are the next big thing in softbait fishing!

Clear coat magnifies the natural finish, realistic 3D eyes, soft texture mimics the feel of a live baitfish, oversized paddle tail generates unbelievable swimming action, even at the slowest of speeds and the soft hollow body collapses for instant hook-ups, what more could you want?

Plus Hollowbellies can be rigged for weedless surface action with Nitro Jungle Hooks or conventionally with Nitro’s new button jigs for deepwater applications.

Available in 4” and 6” models, Hollowbellies are available in 6 eye-catching finishes.

Distributor: Reidy’s Lures

The Reidy`s rubber range is very young in comparison to the main soft plastic lures on the market but incorporated body and tail action when the other brands only had tail action.

Today most good pre-rigged soft plastic lures have body and tail action but with a swimming action that is life like on the drop the Reidy`s team is excited with the future of this range. The Reidy`s Rubbers come in 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 inch models and at present are in 11 colour combinations. They are fitted with quality Mustad Hooks and have holographic film inside to help with flash in the water.

The Reidy`s Rubber range also has an anchor point for a stinger hook at the belly of the rubbers and this can increase your hook-up rate however this can also cause snagging. Reidy’s suggest a small chain made from several split rings, linked together, with one end attached to the anchor point, and the other with a treble hook attached.

It’s a Wrap

So there it is, a quick look over the last two issues of what’s new on the blocks for 2009 in regards to barra lures. Hopefully this information has inspired you to get out there and give some of these new creations a go because they will all catch barra at some time or another.

And don’t forget, if you want a chance to win some of the lures featured over the last two issues of QFM, log on www.australianbarra.com.au and follow the links to enter the draw. All you need do is tell us how these new lures will bring you more barra success. Entries close on February 1, so get in quick and give yourself a shot at a bunch of new lures.

Manufacturer/ DistributorLureModelsColoursWeight (g)Length (cm)Trolling/Casting/Both $RRP

Mayfly TackleEvergreenPopper4166Casting$24.95

Dunphy SportsSquidgyPro Range Wriggler4NW*14Casting$10.99

Pro Range Flickbait4NW14.5Casting$10.99

Boof Frog4NW11Casting$10.99

BerkleyHollow Belly6"6NW15Casting$13.95


Bozos6" Mullet136815Both$12.00
Bassman SpinnerbaitsMumblerBarra104215Casting$15.00

Frogleys OffshoreProng4"12NW10Casting$14.00

Jerk Minnow7"16NW16.5Casting$14.00

Reidy's LuresReidy's Rubbers3"11107.5Casting



* Not Weighted

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