Cool Weather Options
  |  First Published: June 2006

It’s time to don the beanie and break out the snapper and winter whiting gear once again.

Winter is upon us and whilst there is no denying that those cold westerlies can cut through you like a knife, the rewards often outweigh the chill factor. The Sandy Straits and local reefs are very productive at this time of year but if it’s a bit too nasty on the bay there are still many options open to Fraser Coast anglers.


Bream have been going nuts lately on soft plastics. Casting and retrieving will catch anglers some fish but more strikes have come from twitching or using a start/stop retrieve. The secret to fishing with soft plastics is to think of them as bait rather than a lure. These days they look, feel, smell and even taste like the real thing so don’t be afraid to pause and twitch during your retrieve rather than just crank.


The lakes have all been the go lately and Hervey Bay has two within a short distance of the coast.

Lenthalls Dam has certainly come of age and has been producing some first class fishing. Bass have been the dominant species for many years and while barramundi have been stocked for a long time it is only now that any barra have been caught. A few local guys in the know have had a lot of success fishing surface lures at dawn and dusk and have scored bass and barra with this technique. Yellowbelly, silver perch and catfish also reside in Lenthalls and are regularly caught using bait and lures. As we move into the cooler months the bass will fire and the barra will drop off, but with the new facilities being built, Lenthalls will be a fishing destination not to miss.

Monduran Dam has received a lot of fanfare lately and none more so than from QFM Bundaberg offshore writer Rob Wood.

I had the opportunity to fish for three days there recently and had a great time exploring the vast expanses of the waterway. The barra proved to be a little elusive mainly due to a low pressure system sitting over the lake but a few were still on the prowl late in the afternoons and in the shallows where the sun warmed the water a few degrees. Three days was barely enough time to get acquainted with the area but long enough to appreciate its natural beauty. So even in the cooler months there are many angling challenges up for grabs right in your own backyard.

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