Motorguide Maroon Dam BASS Electric
  |  First Published: June 2006

Twenty-eight competitors in 17 boats faced the starter’s gun on a brisk morning for the 13th BASS Electric tournament for the 2006 season.

Maroon has a reputation for small bass which explained why most competitors caught plenty of under-sized fish.

BASS circuit regular Dan Mallory fished from the back of second place getter Baden Sparrow’s boat and took out the closely fought event. Dan found a small honey hole at the back of the lake in amongst a large weedbed to land several fish, and his two largest pulled down the scales at 1.28kg.

Using a 1/8oz Nitro jighead rigged with a pro blue coloured Ecogear Power Shad, Dan would rip the offering out of the thick weeds and the fish would slam the lure in open water. Using a Daiwa Procast 6’6” rod and Daiwa Regal reel, 6lb Fireline and 6lb Vanish leader Dan caught three or four legal fish and several under-sized ones.

Baden used similar tactics to Dan to take out second place, with his two fish limit of 1.14kg using an Angler Rod 840 7ft Spin stick matched with an Angler Stealth 2000 reel, 4lb Fireline and 8lb leader. Baden also caught several legal fish as well as many rats. Baden’s lure was a 3” brown Atomic Fat Grub rigged on a 1/6oz TT jighead.

Third place was taken out by Jason Jovanovic who applied different tactics to Dan by using the ever popular Jackall TN60 at the dam end of the lake. Jason targeted fish sitting in about 20ft of water to amass a two fish limit of 1.09kg.

Fourth place was taken out by Alex Baronoff who also used a Jackall to land a two fish limit of 1.08kg. In all 26 legal fish were presented to the weigh master. – ABT


1Dan Mallory21.28kg
2Baden Sparrow21.14kg
3Jason Jovanovic21.09kg
4Alex Baronoff21.08kg
5Ricky Slennett21.06kg
6Rod Shorten2.910kg
7Garth Meredith2.900kg
8Tony Ward2.860kg
9Tony Van Rooy2.830kg
10Elliot Fooks1.640kg
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