Shimano Manning River BREAM Challenge
  |  First Published: June 2006

Darren Seckold, a 30 year old boner at Taree’s abattoir, took out the 2006 Shimano Manning River BREAM Qualifier with an impressive 10/10 5.97kg limit.

Fishing from his 385 Explorer with a 25hp Tohatsu, Seckold showed that you don’t need all the flash gear to get amongst the cash – in fact Darren’s wife spent the prefish buying him a second reel to give him two outfits for the weekend. In only his second ABT event and first as a boater Seckold was ecstatic with his result.

Day one started very slowly for Seckold when he did a prop just after the start, which forced him to fish within 1.5km of the start line. He thought his day was over but he used his electric to target fish on the northern bank of the north passage and had his limit by 10 o’clock and was finished by 11am.

This misfortune turned out to be a stroke of luck as his day one weight of 2.82kg had him in fifth place and only 500g behind leader Mark Mangold. After a dash to Manning River Marine to fix his motor, Seckold was ready for day two and planned to target the same area.

Seckold arrived at his day one spot and found one boat was already there and another three were on their way.

“I got my first keeper then moved on,” said Seckold who then worked the bank opposite the weigh site.

“I was looking for shaded areas of water,” commented Seckold who added to his bag by taking another two fish in sight of the Reef Science Tank. Looking at his day one spot he noted boats were still there and had to change his plans.

“I needed to find an hour to kill to wait for the boats to leave my spot,” said Seckold and he then stumbled upon a small creek in the South Passage.

“It’s the first one on the right before the highway bridge, I don’t know it’s name,” said Seckold.

Seckold went on to upgrade five times and after winning the $2,500 first prize cheque Darren will be on the lookout for some new equipment after breaking his number one rod on a solid fish.

“I started out with an 8lb leader but went to 12lb when I couldn’t stop a fish!” said Seckold who broke his Daiwa Heartland shortly after changing leaders. He then reverted back to his Daiwa Procaster rod teamed with a Shimano Symetry 2500 spooled with 6lb Fireline. His lure choice proved to be the most popular over weekend the Ecogear SX40.

Second place went to Chris Britten, a 32 year old lending manager from Redland, with a 10/10 limit of 5.31kg. Britten was extremely pleased with his result.

“I’ve only been using hard-bodied lures for a short time,” said Britten who caught all of his fish using the popular Ecogear SX40 presented on an E-Grell S4 Rod paired with Shimano Sustain 1000 reels spooled with 4lb Fireline and 6lb Yamatoyo leader. Britten caught around 25 bream on day one but only landed 5 legal fish for 2.86kg.

Sunday was a similar day for Britten who went looking for the same sort of structure, a sloping bank with deep water and plenty of snags, that he fished on day one. For Britten this type of structure was found on the banks of Dumaresq Island. Britten accredited his use of hard-bodied lures to Steve Morgan’s recent success. Sunday’s session saw Britten upgrade twice to complete his day two limit.

“The key for me this weekend was to fish the most unlikely looking spots,” said Britten and this proved to be a good choice, enabling him to claim second place over Tim Morgan.

The non-boaters section was taken out by Richard Robson who laid the foundation on day one as the only non-boater to return with a 5/5 2.63kg bag. Robson, a 31 year old Cronulla resident who works for Foxtel, fished with Rob Kwiatkowski on day one.

“We targeted banks with a weed edges, some shade and rocks, but the key was a hard running current,” said Robson.

Robson completed the event with a 9/10 4.39kg bag. The gun lure for Robson was the Forster Special Ecogear SX40 presented on a Black Diamond Flats Ranger partnered with a Shimano Twin Powers reel spooled with 4lb Fireline and a 10 foot long 5lb Nitlon fluorocarbon leader.

Check all the details on www.bream.com.au or phone ABT on (07) 3268 3992. – ABT

Boater Results

Place Angler FishWeight (kg)
1 Darren SECKOLD 10/105.97
2 Chris BRITTON 10/105.31
3 Tim MORGAN 9/105.07
4 Russell BABEKUHL 10/104.92
5 Darren BORG 8/104.79
6 Nigel WEBSTER 7/104.3
7 Kristoffer HICKSON 9/104.24
8 Glenn HELMERS 5/104.22
9 Mark MANGOLD 7/104.06
10 Robert KWIATKOWSKI 8/103.79

Non-Boater Results

Place Angler Fish Weight (kg)
1 Richard ROBSON 9/104.39
2 Vicki WINTER 7/103.77
3 Craig JOHNSON 4/101.87
4 Brendon LANE 4/101.82
5 Joel TEGART 4/101.58
6 David CURREY 3/101.57
7 Oliver MATHYS 2/101.52
8 Craig HEWETT 3/101.52
9 Chris SUMMERHAYES 4/101.51
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