Southern Star Stealth gets an Upgrade
  |  First Published: May 2006

QFM has taken the Southern Star (nee Southwind) Stealths for a drive before – both the tiller and basic side console version – but this versatile hull has had a makeover that gives it more deck space, a higher horsepower rating and plenty of extra little comforts. We took Logan River Marine’s Stealth Mark III for a spin to see the modifications for ourselves.

As always, the Stealth is a versatile hull with a reasonable Vee, which lends itself to setting it up as a bay and inshore boat with a centre console if that’s the sort of fishing you’re into. Unlike many glass boat manufacturers, there’s no problem picking the deck layout combination that suits your fishing. Remove the back, or back and front decks and there’s plenty of fishing area for more open waters.

The model tested, though, has all of the bells and whistles, complete with a just-released 150HP 60° V6 Evinrude E-Tec, tandem trailer and second console.

From the bow, the anchor-well has been redesigned to give more space to the front deck. The anchor now resides in a forward well that’s incorporated into the deck and the front deck is spacious. Underneath it you will find two additional large underfloor storage spaces as well as a 120L plumbed and divided underfloor livewell.

A second console increases the comfort of the ride for passengers – especially on cooler and/or rainy mornings, and with the extra speed that the 150HP generates on this boat, it’s a welcome addition. A glove box provides some extra storage for keys, mobile phones and wallets while on the water. Second consoles do reduce deck space, however, and the compromise of this console is reduced access to the rod locker.

There are three mounted seats n the cockpit and it would be pretty comfortable to fish three-up in calm water with this configuration.

The helm position is comfortable and there’s plenty of space to flush-mount all of your gauges and electronics if you like. The test model had an enormous 900 series Humminbird sonar/GPS neatly inlaid.

The back deck loses a little space to a large engine well, but there is still a heap of room for your mates to fish or for a non-boater in a tournament. There are two more enormous storage/access areas port and starboard and a second, glass, livewell-capable tub that is removable. It’s a top spot for all your cold items if you want to use it as an icebox for camping. With a 115L underfloor fuel tank, the Stealth has the speed, range and capacity to load up for a light weekend three person camping trip.

This was also our first opportunity to put one of the new Evinrude E-Tec 150HP engines through its paces. If you read the Evinrude Fishing Monthly insert a few months ago, you would know that these 2.6L V6 engines boast excellent power-to-weight. The 150 through 200 in the 2.6L lineup all weigh under 200kg.

Spinning a reasonably small 20” Raker propeller, the Stealth leaped out of the hole and was extremely responsive throughout the rev range. Like most hulls of this type, a reduction in propeller pitch equates to higher revs and better responsiveness, while bumping up the pitch lifts top-end speed at the expense of that punch.

The Vee in the hull ensured that the roughest water we could find (on what was admittedly a calm day) didn’t even warrant slowing down. Similarly, trimmed correctly, the rig held its line in tight turns without cavitation or ventilation.

At 1,200kg on trailer, you’d need a six-cylinder vehicle as a minimum to safely tow the Stealth. The twin-axle configuration on this model’s trailer gives added peace-of-mind

Basic packages with a 90 E-Tec start from $36,500, but as tested, this Mark III Stealth with the Pro Tournament Pack is available for $44,900. That includes the 80lb MinnKota and batteries, Humminbird 9000C finder, dual axle drive-on trailer and 150 E-Tec. Call Logan River Marine on (07) 3287 4888 for a test drive or visit www.loganrivermarine.com.au for email contact.






Length – 5m

Beam – 2.29m

Deadrise at Transom – 19°

Maximum HP – 150

Transom Height – 20”

Length on Trailer – 6m

Height on Trailer – 1.90m

Weight on Trailer – 1,200kg

Fuel – 115L underfloor

Reads: 5567

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