Changing the Tune
  |  First Published: May 2006

In previous QFM May contributions I’ve had to sing the same tune time and again, ‘the wet is over, it’s another fizzer’. This is all about to change as the wet has hung around this year.

In late March the lower Norman and Flinders rivers were in minor flood, Walkers Creek was 1m over the road and the Leichhardt River flooded to record levels. This has all been great for the Gulf’s fishing.

Fishing here and there

Karumba’s fishing over the last month has been inconsistent with most anglers catching mixed bags. Some anglers have managed to land a few grunter or salmon while others have returned with nothing.

Beach anglers have been landing plenty of king salmon on the high tides with the odd barra mixed in.


May usually is the start of the pelagic run of fish at Karumba and Sand Island will be your best bet for queenfish and GTs. Queenfish range to 20lb specimens that rip the bar hunting garfish. Queenies are relatively easy to hook once they are located.

Trolling gold Bombers is often the best way to find fish. Start by trolling everywhere and then look for any bird activity. If a queenfish is around it will eat the Bomber every time. Budding flyfishers should be looking over the angler’s shoulder to see if any other fish are hanging around.

Other species

There will be the other usuals on display during May. Spaniards will arrive and replace queenfish as the bigger fish out over the small broken bottom.

GT will be around in good numbers in May, so if you want to stretch your lower back or arms this is your chance.

As the beach set netters gather momentum up the coast the numbers of king salmon will decrease but blue salmon will be around to eat any left over livebaits.

Barra will still be around if you are good enough and good luck catching a muddie.

Lake Belmore Barra fire

Lake Belmore is situated 3km from Croydon in the heart of the Gulf Savannah country.

The dam has been stocked with thousands of barramundi fingerlings as well as some of the very large brood stock female fish from the Gulf Barramundi Restocking Organisation at Karumba.

Over the last couple of years the fishing has taken off with plenty of 60cm+ barra being caught by anglers throwing lures from the bank. It looks like the place is ready to take off like other tropical dams have. One lucky angler managed to land a 125cm barra from Lake Belmore recently. Several larger fish were located when the dam was electrofished by the DPI.

There are good facilities at the dam with covered playing areas for the kids, a beach, boat ramp and other covered areas with electric barbecues. No camping is permitted at the dam however there is ample accommodation in town at the hotel and the caravan park.

boat ramp etiquette

It might seem obvious to most anglers, but it’s never a good idea to park your boat in the middle of the boat ramp while you throw the cast net out for a few mullet.

It’s also a bad form to leave rotting fish carcasses at the ramp as they make the place unpleasant for everyone else.

Thought of the month

I received a funny email called ‘The World’s Shortest Fairytale’ recently and would like to share it with you all.

Once upon a time, a man asked a woman to marry him. She said no so he lived happily ever after drinking beer and fishing. So did she.

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