E-Tec 60hp meets the Angler
  |  First Published: December 2005

The Mako Craft 440 Angler has a massive internal volume for its length. The popular side console layout leaves a huge uncluttered floor space which, combined with a great finish and solid construction, makes the Mako an ideal estuary and impoundment craft.

The test boat, supplied by Mitchell’s Marine in Cairns, was fitted with a 60hp Evinrude E-Tec. Its superior quietness, two-stroke acceleration, super fuel economy and smoke-free running will see the E-Tec claw back much of the market share lost over the past 10 years. With a weight of 107kg, it compares favourably with four-strokes of the same horsepower: 108kg for the Yamaha F60hp, 112kg for the Mercury 60EFI, and 152kg for the DF60 Suzuki.

The E-Tec leaves four-strokes behind in a number of other areas, according to the manufacturer. It claims to have consistently lower total reportable emissions than virtually all four-strokes, only requires servicing every three years (300 hrs) of recreational use and gets better fuel economy than the same horsepower four-strokes over the full operating range, not just the sweet spot. They also claim to be just as quiet as four-strokes. The super compact nature of the Evinrude E-Tec makes the motor look more like a 40hp than a 60hp. The block is the same weight for the 40, 50 and 60hp E-Tec.

The 60hp E-Tec pushed the Angler along at 23km/h (12 knots, 14mph) at 3500rpm, 30km/h (16 knots, 19mph) at 4000rpm, 35km/h (19 knots, 22mph) at 4500rpm, 40 km/h (22 knots, 25mph) at 5000rpm and topped out doing 46km/h (25 knots, 29 mph) at 5500rpm, which isn’t world beating but is certainly fast enough for a fishing boat.

The optional half canopy fitted to the test boat provides enough shade, while leaving the front and rear of the Angler open for rod fishing. The full-height transom has a full-width off-floor storage shelf, which houses the battery to starboard. Access over the stern, both on the trailer and the water, is made easy via a telescopic fold-down ladder to port. There is plenty of room to fit a large livebait tank into the top of the transom on either side.

The compact side console is cut away underneath, creating a comfortable amount of legroom and making it easy for the helmsman to swing around on the padded bucket seat. The moulded dash has tacho, fuel gauge and compass fitted with the omission of a speedo, which is becoming more of a trend as GPS and chart plotters take over this function. Mounting a sounder and GPS on top of the curved dash would be a bit fiddly but the rounded Perspex screen offers weather protection.

There are four seat foot plates – one at the helm, two beside the helm (one forward and one back from the console) and another in the middle of the forward casting platform.

The casting platform has three hatches, with one opening from the back and two smaller ones opening from the side, making it easy to locate gear stored in the massive space inside.

The fully carpeted floor has an excellent finish, with foot plates on the base of each rib providing a perfect fit, which would prevent even a swivel getting down inside the hull. The wide gunwale top, masses of ribs and heavy gauge alloy create a very sturdy look and feel to the Angler.

The Angler threw a fair bit spray when side on to the 15-20 knot wind we encountered as we headed out of Trinity Inlet. It handled the slop much better running into or with the swell but doesn’t ride well enough to be considered for offshore fishing. Its extra wide beam, which creates the massive internal area, comes at the cost of comfort of ride in the rough stuff.

The Mako Craft Angler 440 will suit the estuary and impoundment fisherman who wants a lot of space to spread out in and a fisher-friendly layout, while the 60hp Evinrude E-Tec is perfect for any fishing situation where fuel economy, low maintenance, low noise and low emissions are a priority.

For further information contact Mitchell’s Marine in Cairns on (07) 4051 3355.



Make/model– Mako Craft Angler 440

Length Overall – 4.4m

Beam – 2.1m

Depth – 1.3m

Bottom sides – 3mm

Topsides – 3mm plate

Number of people – 4

Max transom weight – 112kg

Boat weight – approx 230kg

BMT price as tested – $23,995



Make/model– 60hp Evinrude E-Tec

Shaft length – 20”

Weight – 107kg

Engine type – inline 2 cylinder. E-Tec direct injection

Prop shaft – 45kW @ 5750rpm

Gear ratio – 2.67:1

Emission compliance – EPA 2006, CARB 3 STAR 2008 EU 2006

Reads: 9499

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