Good start to the year at the ‘Pin
  |  First Published: December 2005

I hope you all behaved over the New Year and made a resolution to do more fishing. I think that’s one resolution we should all be able to keep.

We’ve had heaps of rain lately, which has also flushed out all the feeder creeks into the rivers and then out into the Bay.

This is going to make for some great fishing when the water quality improves and we can look forward to a productive start to the year.

January is a hot time of year for those who love to chase large whiting. We’ve had some great reports of a few topping the 700g mark and all fishos who have weighed-in their catches are saying the same thing. A little berley, a lot of patience, live worms or yabbies and fishing as light as the conditions will allow are your best bets. Then put your feet up and check out the scenery. Try around the Gold Bank, Jacobs Well Channel near Diner Island, Squire Island, south of Russell Island near the green beacon and in the Logan River near Marks Rocks or at The Junction.

Greenback tailor are due at the start of the month as they usually run this time of year. In years gone by we’ve caught them up to 5kg and it’s easy to spot a school, just keep an eye out for the birds diving into the water feeding on the bait that the tailor are smashing. We’ve only had choppers and small greenbacks to around 2kgs so far, so fingers crossed the big stuff is on its way.

Flathead have consistently weighed-in all summer with many reports of +70cm fish being safely released to ensure Jumpinpin’s flathead stocks for the future. The larger ones seem to love live bait at the moment. Mullet, small gar and prawns are proving irresistible, with whitebait, pilchards and froggies also going well. Try Little Rocky Point, across from Cabbage Tree Point boat ramp, just off the southeastern side of Kangaroo Island, Kalinga Bank, Duck Creek and Canaipa Passage near Willis Island.

A couple of small jew, estuary cod and mangrove jack are coming from the Logan near Marks and Pitts rocks if you cam manage to get yourself some quality livies. Make sure to pack on heavy line as these fish have been busting up over 30lb mono easily.

Pack the dillies if your heading out as it has been a bumper season on sandies. Be sure to keep an eye on all your pots as there are some people out there who think it is okay to raid and steal them. Muddies have been going strong and we’re finding that they are mostly being caught out of the rivers and along the mangrove lined banks of Eden Island, Tabby Tabby Island, Mosquito Island and Long Island.

Plenty of small bream are on offer as usual with the odd squire thrown in.

Thanks for all reports and if you have any questions on conditions or what’s biting drop us a line at Gem Bait & Tackle or email --e-mail address hidden-- .

I’ll catch you next month.

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