Great Island Action
  |  First Published: December 2005

I’ve noticed of late that someone has been dumping fish carcases at the boat ramp. I recently saw an undersize nannygai floating at the ramp and the next day there was an undersize barra with the sides knocked off plus the skin floating in the wash! Not only are they dumping frames at the ramp but keeping undersize barra in the closed season!

These people must be blind because I would have thought that the croc traps along the beach would have highlighted just how dangerous this is. The QPWS have been trying to catch this big croc that is cruising along the beach, reportedly between the Marina and Meunga creek.

Fishing has been spasmodic, some times brilliant and some times slow but enough fish have always been caught for a feed.

The beach at Gould Island has been fishing well at night with plenty of jacks to 45cm hooked on a variety of baits, both dead and live. Some nice queenfish have also been cruising around the Island with the best over a 1m.

There are mackerel taking trolled lures in the bay but there are a lot of small fish amongst the keepers.

Whilst we have been targeting jacks there have been plenty of barra attacking lures. The majority of our good fish have been on the top of the tide in the cleaner water in the bay. Best for us was a nice jack at 80cm. The creeks have been a touch slow but persistence produces nice jacks, barra and some good size cod.

The channel has been off and on producing mainly jacks and barra with a few nice trevally amongst them. The fishing there has been best on the run in tide on the Island side under the Abyssinia mangoves. Our best was 70cm with the rest averaging 50-60cm.

Next month should see the start of the rain, with the influx of freshwater into the system. I like to fish the smaller creeks and feeder drains focusing on the edge of the dirty water. Good sized fish are being boated and there are usually more than one holding off in the drains. They’re feeding on the bait that is coming down with the freshwater.

Best lures for us have been a pink flatratz, gold and black leads the ever reliable B52’s and gold Bombers.

Safe boating, watch out for crocs at the boat ramp and remember ‘fish for the future, practice catch and release!’

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