Local Lakes Fire
  |  First Published: December 2005

Lakes MacDonald and Borumba have both fired up as the weather has crept into top gear. Bass in both locations have been going very well, particularly on small spinnerbaits and bibless rattlers. Trollers have done well on extra deep minnows, particularly in gold.

In MacDonald, Three Ways has been a good starting point although Gardens Reach has also delivered some quality bass out in the open. Casting around Bass Bay and Borer Creek has also been productive and the run down to Rusty's Run is always worth the effort.

Those targeting saratoga have been having a ball. Once again spinnerbaits and bibless rattlers have been going well, however small bibbed minnows worked erratically around the weedbeds have also caught their fair share of these great fun sportsfish!

Most activity is in the heavily timbered arms of Borumba where there is plenty of cover and shelter. If you can find lilies and timber with deeper water nearby you could be in business. Cast the area well before moving on.

Trollers could do worse that following the rockwalls that are adjacent to quite deep water. You could even troll very close the rocks with a deep-diving minnow on the rocky side with an extra deep minnow on the open side!

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