Insects hatch, trout rise!
  |  First Published: December 2007

Right now is a great time to be on our rivers. We have had good rain over the past month and the rivers are looking great.

The water temperature is also good and the weather has warmed up, encouraging the insects, beetles and bugs to appear in numbers and tempt the hungry trout.

The Delegate River is fishing very well at the moment, despite disappointing results over the past couple of seasons. The river is well known for its mayfly hatches and they have returned big time. Good numbers of trout to 1kg are being caught.

Over the years, the very fertile Delegate River has produced some excellent fish, both in terms of numbers and size Fish of 2-3kg are not unheard of. The insect hatches and the trout have been absent for a while, but now it seems that the river is returning to its former glory.

Around Omeo, the Mitta Mitta River is producing well for all forms of fishing. The Bundarra River continues to fish well and this lovely little river has been yielding trout of over 1kg. Fishing should continue to be good over the next month until the water temperatures rise and the water flows fall.

The Cobungra River is fishing well in the Innisfail area, although the fish have been a little smaller than the other rivers. Reasonable numbers of brown trout are being caught upstream of the falls in the Victoria River.

The Gibbo River, which flows into the Mittta Mitta River just above Dartmouth Dam, has continued the trend and is also fishing well. This river holds large numbers of small rainbows and fairly good numbers of small to medium browns. Wading is necessary in the river, and the water is at just the right height at the moment.

Livingston Creek above Omeo is fishing well as it always seems to. Small brown trout are the order of the day with spinning and flyfishing both very successful.

In the Buchan area, the Timbarra River has been providing anglers with good sport. Although most of the fish are small browns under 500g, they are around in good numbers. However, this river will warm up quickly over the next few weeks and the fishing will deteriorate. Anglers should concentrate on mornings and evenings and look for shady areas in the river. The Pinch River is productive for the flyfisher, with fish up to 1kg being the norm.

As we continue to get follow up rain over the next month, fishing should continue to be good leading up to Christmas.

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