Pelagics Carve Up
  |  First Published: December 2008

With Christmas out of the way it’s time to get stuck in to what’s on offer while the water is still warm.


The tuna and mackerel species have been carving up bait schools from Platypus Bay to the gutters. The channel markers, Urangan Pier, Artificial Reef and the Sandy Straits have all been producing their fare share of pelagics and should continue to do so through to late march.

Casting slugs and plastics or trolling a spread of lures is the most effective way of catching these silver bullets of the ocean. All you need is a good casting threadline outfit with 400-600m of 4-8kg line to get amongst them.


The shallow reefs around Big and Little Woody Island have fished well for cod, coral bream, blue parrot and blackall. A few goldies and queenies have also been working the edges of the reef.

The flats at the back of Little Woody have had the usual run of goldies patrolling the ledge, giving fly and spin anglers plenty of action.

As I’ve mentioned before sharks can be a problem when using light gear in this neck of the woods so it pays to have at least one heavy braid spin outfit with you.


The Hervey Bay Gamefishing Classic was held recently over 14-16 November. There was a good turn out with 22 boats and over 60 anglers participating. In the first three hours of fishing, a total of 174 strikes, 140 hook-ups and 75 tagged fish were recorded. This included 21 tagged billfish.

After day one, 10 sailfish and 33 black marlin were tagged. After day one the fishing slowed a little for the rest of the tournament, but anglers were still kept busy. The end statistics read 331 strikes, 250 hook ups and 136 fish tagged including 63 billfish. It was a fantastic result with most boats scoring several billfish over the tournament.

Tournament Stats

Champion Team over 7.5mWatchtower
Champion Team under 7.5mWhite Horse 2
Champion Heavy Tackle AnglerDion Smith
Champion Light Tackle AnglerGlen Klein
Champion Female AnglerSarah Postan
Champion Junior AnglerJames Rosman
Champion Hervey Bay AnglerJames Rosman
Champion Billfish TeamWatchtower
First Billfish TaggedGreg Smith
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