Take Me to the River
  |  First Published: October 2007

While we are still hoping for some rain in central Victoria, the rivers has been producing good fish. The water levels in our local impoundments have increased a small amount and are looking very good, if we could just get the follow up rainfall that everyone is hoping for.

There has been enough rainfall to produce significant amounts of regrowth around the lakes’ edges. This will provide a smorgasbord of food for resident fish should water levels rise above 20% of capacity. The higher the inflows, the more productive the upcoming season will be.

Lake Eppalock

The water levels in Lake Eppalock have risen a little, but are still less than 10% of capacity. Water clarity is average at present, meaning baitfishing is the most productive method. The best baits are worms and small yabbies. If we continue to receive steady inflows, water clarity will slowly improve as levels rise over the fresh ground. Water temperatures are currently around 12oC and are starting to rise. As the water temperatures increase, so does the activity in native species such as golden perch. Catch rates of golden perch are currently very low, but they should start to be caught more consistently shortly.

Campaspe River

Conditions in the Campaspe River are looking good. Water clarity is very good, and the water does have a fishy look about it having lost that stagnant appearance. The water level at Elmore is currently good, and only several inches down from the normal high water mark. Catch rates have been average, with redfin making up the majority of captures. The numbers of golden perch being caught has been low, but should start to improve shortly. Water clarity is also good at Rochester, however the river in this section could do with a good flush of water.

Cairn Curran

The water levels in Cairn Curran are still less than 10% of capacity, but water is now starting to rise over the vegetation. This will undoubtedly help the fishing and will encourage more activity around the lake’s edges. At the present time catch rates have been low. Water clarity is poor but should start to improve shortly. At this stage there have been reports of a small number of brown trout being caught.

Loddon River

The majority of angler’s captures have been redfin. These are being caught in small numbers, but the quality of the fish is good. The most productive method has been casting and retrieving lures along the edges of the river. At this stage the prolific weed beds have been the most consistent forms of structure to target. Lipless crankbaits have been productive on the reddies, as have soft plastics.

Prior to September 1, isolated captures of Murray cod were made on spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and Bassman Mumblers. It is, of course, closed season for Murray cod at present.

The catch rates of golden perch should improve dramatically over the next few weeks. We are now starting to come into the peak time of the year to target golden perch. With the good weather conditions that we have been experiencing lately, now is a great time of the year to spend some time on the water.

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