Lowrance Port River BREAM Qualifier
  |  First Published: October 2007

The final BREAM qualifying round for 2007 was held on September 1–2 at Port Adelaide, South Australia, with competing anglers fishing the Port River. With good weather for the weekend, the fishing during this competition was surprisingly tough. Only one angler scored his full limit and consequently took home the winning prize cheque.

Local Shaun Ossitt scored 10/10 fish for a total weight of 5.68kg, to take out first place. Second place was given to Ian Clift with 7/10 fish for 4.72kg, and third place was awarded to the 2006 Grand Final winner Stephen Duff with 8/10 fish for 4.28kg.

Ossitt used G.Loomis 842 and 820 dropshot rods matched to Daiwa Exist reels. One spooled with 3lb Berkley Crystal and 4lb leader and the other with straight through 3lb fluorocarbon. He fished rockwalls and pylons at high tide and the slipways in the north arm at low tide.

Throwing a variety of hard-bodied lures including the Tiemco Trick Trout in ayu and pearl white and Bassday Kangoku Vibes in ayu and orange. Ossitt explained, “The soft rods stopped the hooks from pulling out of the fish.

“A gentle lift, pause retrieve with the Trick Trout gave it a nice shimmy action,” he continued. The fish seemed to be hanging on the bottom and by letting the vibe hit the bottom and whipping them before letting them slowly sink again, the bream then hit the lure on the drop.

With the Sunday a lot clearer and less windy, Ossitt noted that he dropped leader size from 6lb to 4lb and held the boat out further from the zone to give the lure a better presentation and chance.

Second placed local, Ian Clift, used a pair of Millerod XF rods, one matched to a Shimano Stella and the other to a Daiwa Airity.

He used a combination of 3lb Berkley Crystal Fireline and 6lb Basshard braid with 6lb Rockfish leader. Unlike Ossitt, Clift’s fish all came on soft plastics.

Rigging a Berkley 2” Shrimp in lime tiger on a Nitro 1/24th jighead and a pre-rigged Berkley 2” tube. Clift used his sounder to find the schools of bream in the deep water, up river around the Birkenhead Bridge.

Targeting these breeding fish, Clift would let the lure slowly sink, with a single lift, before letting it sink to the bottom once again.

Taking out the non-boater section by over 1kg was Roger Thornton, who scored 4/10 fish for 3.36kg. He used a Fish Tales Bait & Tackle custom made G.Loomis matched to a Shimano Sustain spooled with 4lb Berkley Crystal and 4lb Nitlon leader.

Targeting his fish on the first day under a bridge with the runout tide on the vibe lure he had bought the day before, Thornton found the bream eager to bite as soon as he started the retrieve.

He spent the second day fishing under the fuel jetty with Berkley 2” Shrimp in nuclear chicken and Berkley Crawfish in camo rigged on a TT 1/24 hidden weight. This time the bream were taking the lure on the drop.

The Go-So Big Bream was bench marked on day one with a 1.2kg specimen, but it finally went to Shane Hill who managed to weigh in a 1.5kg beauty on day two.

Using a Bassday Sugar Deep in pearl, Hill found this bream lurking in the shadows on the mangroves early before the tide had started to run out. A slow steady retrieve made enough action to tempt it to take the lure and consequently earned him $500.

With Port River being the 13th and final qualifying event for the season, all heads are turned towards the Grand Final in November. For all the action log onto www.bream.com.au . – Marcel Krieger

Boater Results

PlaceAnglerFishWeight (kg)
1Shaun OSSITT105.68
2Ian CLIFT74.72
3Stephen DUFF84.28
4Adam TODD73.78
5Tom HAHN63.44
6Wayne FRIEBE42.48
7Shaun CLANCY42.44
8Stephen WHEELER42.1
9Dean TRUMANSA31.9
10Kenneth THOMPSON31.78

Non-Boater Results

PlaceAnglerFishWeight (kg)
1Roger THORNTON43.36
2Andrew DIBLEY52.24
3Thuan HUYNH32.2
4Greg WOODS42.16
5Lee WOOLSEY41.98
6Graham WHIBLEY31.72
7Shane HILL11.5
8Jordan TRUSTY20.89
9Alex DAFOV10.6
10Gary CHUCK10.5
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